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Agility Day
Spreadsheet Update

Agility Day 2

I started this post as I was waiting for my turn.  I came out to the car and wanted to make sure it wasn't too hot for Macy as they were walking Open.  It's a small open class so I can't stay out here too long.  I would go in, but my air card isn't getting a signal.

Yesterday was really good.  Macy stayed with me on both courses, and did every type of obstacle.  For some reason I was pushing her off the jumps in the jumpers course, wondering if it is my depth perception. 

Standard went really well yesterday -- the judge remembered her and had the gate steward close the gates, but we didn't need that.  She did ALL the obstacles and stayed with me.  however she missed the down contact on the dog walk.

Really used the insulin yesterday and the agility basal is working today, staying in the mid 100s all day.  Weather is prettier today but colder, it rained all day yesterday so I have two layers on, today.  Hard to tell I've lost weight, and even hard to move around.

I'm going to head in now, and watch open, and wait for them to set up my course so we don't miss it.


I'm home now.

We've had a really good day!  We took two first places, one in JWW and one in Standard.  The JWW was clean, but had 4 time faults, the Standard run had two refusals and 5 time faults.