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Stuck again

I think I'm stuck again.  Looking at my 14 day spreadsheet, I'm staying within the same two pounds, insulin TDD is about the same, etc.

I'm trying to spread my calories out throughout the day better, one theory if that I put my body in starvation mode by not eating all day.

So I've been doing a protein bar in the morning, lunch, something small after school, workout and eat after the workout.

I've only been doing that this week.  And I'd like to switch the protein bar to something a bit more high fiber.  I am going to see about bringing in some microwave oatmeal and see how that works, I can always do that in a paper cup in the microwave.

I can't really add any more exercise, as the cold fronts are bothering my knees. 


I haven't had a lunch period in a while, and I finally do.

In fact, right now, the door is shut and I'm doing none school stuff.  And some school stuff.

Managed to eat about half of my Diet Gourmet lunch which isn't bad -- ravioli, both the lunch isn't bad and that I could only eat half isn't bad.  I'm bolusing for just under half, which makes the math easier and gives me a bit of leeway in case I guessed wrong.

There are some DG lunches I can't eat, usually involving sandwiches, so I've decided to get breakfasts those days.

Agility Day 2

I started this post as I was waiting for my turn.  I came out to the car and wanted to make sure it wasn't too hot for Macy as they were walking Open.  It's a small open class so I can't stay out here too long.  I would go in, but my air card isn't getting a signal.

Yesterday was really good.  Macy stayed with me on both courses, and did every type of obstacle.  For some reason I was pushing her off the jumps in the jumpers course, wondering if it is my depth perception. 

Standard went really well yesterday -- the judge remembered her and had the gate steward close the gates, but we didn't need that.  She did ALL the obstacles and stayed with me.  however she missed the down contact on the dog walk.

Really used the insulin yesterday and the agility basal is working today, staying in the mid 100s all day.  Weather is prettier today but colder, it rained all day yesterday so I have two layers on, today.  Hard to tell I've lost weight, and even hard to move around.

I'm going to head in now, and watch open, and wait for them to set up my course so we don't miss it.


I'm home now.

We've had a really good day!  We took two first places, one in JWW and one in Standard.  The JWW was clean, but had 4 time faults, the Standard run had two refusals and 5 time faults. 


Agility Day

No Q's.  Dog was with me the entire course, and took all the obstacles.

Don't want to say too much as I don't want to jinx tomorrow.

Tempature was a bit chilly, I wore a long skirt, leggins and a polo shirt.  I'm going to go with one more layer tomorrow as it is supposed to be colder.

Rain is bothering my knee but not really bad.

Planning on going back tomorrow.

My Favorite Spreadsheet

Looks like things are going in the right direction, after the excursions this weekend.

I need to do better at logging. Especially food logging.

I am making some changes. I am eating lunch now. Today I think I'll pick up an oatmeal from Starbucks. Next week I'll be doing Diet Gourmet. Why the change? I actually have lunch again, and it's a 45 minute lunch period. LUXURY!

Things could be better

I'm gaining and losing the same 3 pounds.  However, I'm at a place I was at for quite a time, so I'm not real surprised.  Also, food that shouldn't be in my house has been coming into the house.

Blood sugar is running a tad high.  I think the two are related.  Don't know for sure.  I think I'll keep everything where they are at for a few days. 

I'm also trying to make a major decision.  I've applied for a different job in my school district.  It means being a huge influence on the district but leaving children.  It means 30 minutes extra a day on the road.  The job is open until next Tuesday, so I won't hear anything until after that.

First agility trial in a while is this weekend and Saturday's weather looks good.

Stepped up the activity level

Two days in a row, I've been able to do 20 minutes straight on the treadmill and at faster speed.  That should mean that I can skip at least part of my bolus.

I've also been able to increase my speed from 1.8 mph to 2.1 -- doesn't sound much but it is over 10% speed increase.

It also means I actually warm up and cool down a bit on my walk.

Just back from the Endo and Mac Snack Wrap

My numbers are all better than last visit.  Keeping everything the same.  Snagged two One Touch Mini's to stash as emergency meters -- one in the emergency kit I keep with me -- one downstairs.  Have an emergency meter upstairs already.

As a treat after, I tried that Mac Snack Wrap.  At 330 calories and 24 carbs, it's a good big mac substitute.  I couldn't eat all of it, and next time am going to toss the end at the beginning, not just the end, end.

Tastes like a big mac, especially when the bit is more beef / sauce then wrap.

Bad things about tracking data

Just realized when I updated my spreadsheet, that I have been hovering around the same 3 or 4 pounds for the last two weeks.

Time to change that.

I've had the wrong foods in the house, but they are gone now, and they are not coming back.  I've also had trouble working out, so I'm going to try to change that too.

I also got into a situation this weekend that wasn't conductive to weight loss.  Next time I won't even sign up, but this time, as soon as I realized I was having a problem, I found a way to get out of the situation.  I have to take care of me first.