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Nails done for World Diabetes day
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Today is apparently #dblogday

I've also been blogging every day this month for #NaBloPoMo.

As long time readers can tell, I usually do my own thing.  I am the longest continuous blogger on the diabetes topic, my first blog posts were in February 2003.

The purpose of the blog is to get better about writing, collect information about diabetes and my other medical conditions, and give myself a place to vent.

I don't join "Carnivals" -- though years ago I did submit a post to Grand Rounds because I wanted to get a point of view across to some doctors.  And I don't do a lot of other diabetes awareness things.

This year I have.  My nails are blue, which has already given me the opportunity to talk about diabetes awareness, and i'm posting this blog entry.

I'm also thinking about posting a set of "day in the life of a Type 2 insulin pumper whose had lap band surgery", and might pick a day later this week.  I think Scott Hanselman's series he did several years back was interesting.

Diabetes is a challenge along with all the rest of the challenges I've had. 

I doubt that there will be a cure that will help me.  Mine is genetic and lifestyle related -- I was raised by several generations of diabetics.  When there is a genetic component there is also going to be an environment component, and it took years for my mother to learn to cook healthy.  I think I was able to change faster than she was.

This seems a bit lame, which is one of the reasons I don't participate in these things.