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After school
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Day in the Life - Dinner

Dinner was provided with our workshop -- thankfully BBQ.  Had some beef, a bit of chicken and a bit of turkey and then really wet it down with sauce.  With the lapband, I've found that the wetter the protein the easier.  Examples: beef with queso sauce, chicken with any kind of sauce, etc.  Worked well, did some hipcupping towards the end.  Had a few bites of potato salad and quite a bit of coleslaw.

Slipped dessert.

Didn't test, but it's just been 2 hours now from my last bolus, and I was at 173 and bolused.  Still running high.

Oh, by the way, the vision is a bit blurred but I am not sure if it is blood sugar, lack ef sleep or just need to get checked out by the optomitist again.