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Had a good sleep doctor visit and a good day

Had a very good visit with the sleep doctor, he says the machine is doing it's job, but understands that I am tired and waking up a lot.

We decided to go back to a below the chin fast, as this mask is ending up in my mouth (riding up).  I think that is what is waking me up.  The reason we left the below the chin mask is that it woke me up popping -- leaking.  The new model is supposed to fix that problem, not sure when I'll get it, probably by the end of the week, I'll know better tomorrow.

He also gave me Abien CR samples (2) and I'm going to save them for the new mask and changing a mask that much will really mess me up.  Has every other time.

He also thinks my machine is due for replacement, the new one isn't much different than mine but he doesn't think any new ones are coming out, and the new model is three months old.  I'm not as "oh, need new technology" with CPAP.  I'm also not convinced that the new machine is smaller or even the same size (I think it is bigger), but we'll see.  I can always travel with the old one, and I can put it downstairs so I could possibly nap down there. 

And yeah, I understand why Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger died, but I haven't gotten to that point yet, but I've almost been there.

Supernanny - Diabetes Episode

I really liked Supernanny Friday night, when she visited a home with a Type 1 Diabetic.

First, the medical information was spot on.  Whoever wrote the script, and did the research did their job.

Second, I've watched Supernanny for quite some time as the techniques shown are right down the positive behavior techniques I use and am a fan of.  Comes straight from Skinner, through Marian Breland-Bailey, through Karen Pryor etc.  Lots of people have been branching off that path, but the path is there and shows.

I think there are quite a few people with better knowledge of diabetes, and especially Type 1 diabetes.  I also think she was spot on with changing the boy's behavior.  Frankly, I'd rather see the kid on a pump so he can safely skip meals, but I don't know what their insurance / doctor situation is.

Dog Training - Backup and Stay

After all the modeling we did last week -- and the Hollywood Dog Class, I realized that Macy didn't really know how to move away from me.  In other words, she didn't know backup.  That comes in real handy in photo shoots as you really can't get into the set.

So I've been working on that several times a day, and just about have a crawl back, and sometimes I get a walk back and occasionally I get a backup in a bow position.

In fact, I've started to put the crawl back on cue.

I'm also working on the stay at the start line.  We don't have one, and that would also come in handy for modeling, so I've put a set up in the living room and working it as a back chain.  I started out sitting in a chair and clicking whenever Macy was on the other side of the jump and have added a sit, and have started moving while she is sitting.  Hopefully it will come soon.  We've only been working on a stay for 3 1/2 years.

Did manage 8 hours last night

Finally went to bed around midnight, woke up at 7:00 am, got up and went to the bathroom, and back to bed until about 8:30.  Woke up with an empty insulin pump and an empty water tank for my CPAP machine.

My plan tonight is to take a sleeping pill and head for bed at 10:00 pm.

The good news, I gritted my teeth and weighed, and I'm still at post surgery weight, so that's good.  I know I've been gaining weight lately, and it seems the dietician adviced helped.  I have a task set on my exchange account to get a fill and I am hoping to do it on Thursday this week.

Sleep Doctor

Monday I see my sleep doctor.  Right now, I'm only about to sleep 6-7 hours a day which wouldn't be too bad, but I'm sleepy all the time, so I know it isn't enough.  I also know I do better on 8.

I'm going to ask if there is a better mask, as I think it is the mask waking me up.  The search for the right CPAP mask is never ending. 

My blood sugar control is sucking too.  But I am getting better at this fill.  While I still take too large of a bite, especially at the start of a meal, I've slowed down, and don't toss up as much food.  In fact, I'm thinking of making an appointment for my next fill since my dietcian and I don't think I'm there yet.

And I should head for bed....

Major Screwup

I'm actually not feeling well, and did a major screwup last night.  I went out to the hot tub before going to bed, and forgot to unsuspend my pump.  Yeah, slept all night without insulin.

Woke up in the 280's, and am still there, even after dosing the missing insulin, dosing for the protein drinks I had for breakfast, and have had my basal at 50%. 

Yeah, my vision is blurred, I feel off and just a bit nausous -- no fun.

Decided to do a full set change since my blood sugar is just in the 270, yeah, the insulin is working as I injested 32 carbs, but not fast enough, and the pump keeps telling me to add insulin, even though I'm doing a 50% basal increase.

Happy Thanksgiving

Husband and I are going to have a quiet celebration together, this afternoon at Lawry's.  After, I'll come home and put Christmas bells on the beagles, and we'll put up the Snoopy ornament in the front yard.

My mother and sister are going to visit my mother's family -- we tried that one year but it doesn't work well for us.

Thanksgiving is about recharging for me.  I've been in front of people since August.  Students, teachers, coworkers, and even dog agility people.  Being at home, quiet and working on projects works for me.  I've already updated two websites:


This break has been about training dogs and getting new photos of Macy.  Not all are back yet, but when they are, they will be up.

In two weeks, we are going to be entertaining my inlaws (sister and brother).

Dietcian Visit

To be honestly I have been completely frusterated lately with my lap band.  It got so bad I cancelled my personal trainer last week and went to support group, even though I've been getting even MORE frustrating hearing that others are losing weight and I'm not.

I'll be honest, this last fill has been tough.  There are lots of things I can't eat, and I'm having trouble eating in general so I've been defeating the band.

The good news is that the dietcian helped and didn't tell me I was all wrong.

I've been working on a McDonald's Mocha all morning.  It's the only way I can stomach any kind of caffeine and I need it.  Her only problem, is that I really need more protein, so I need to either add a Slimfast in the morning or find another way to get 10 grams of protein.

She also doesn't find ice cream too bad, and thinks I ought to do a non-fat cone from McD's on the way home. 

She thinks that will help how I feel in the evening and she thinks I should wait until about 6:30 to eat and then find a way to get some more protein in before I get to bed.

Sounds like a livable plan.

Good agility class

We had a larger group than usual, since class is cancelled for Wednesday and Thursday, and we had a good practice, much higher energy which was the instructors goal.

Macy tried hard, but got drastracted a few times.  She's been working hard all weekend, so I am not very upset with her.