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Pom Tea

The wonderful people at (sorry for the pun), have sent me another box.

This is a line of teas, and I am drinking the first bottle, Pomegranate Blackberry Tea.

Now, I like the Pomagranate juice they sent me, and still have some in the frig.  My deal is that it is just too high carb, and too intense in taste to drink it straight out of the bottle, but I have found it is great to spike other drinks with.

This tea is great though.  I'm drinking "regular" right now, and 20 carbs per serving.  They did do the think that irks me, and put two servings in the bottle.  Please, mark the serving size on the side, or make it on serving and do the math for me. 

It is bolus worthy though, and I would buy this tea.