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Traveling Day 2
Adjusting Insulin when Losing Weight (or Gaining) #dblog

Traveling Day 3

First problem -- I am missing a sock.  So I walked over to Walmart and got a pair of diabetic socks over at Walmart, so now do I have to test the blood sugar on the sock too?

Went across the street to eat at a local BBQ, it isn't Dallas BBQ, but not bad.  I'm spoiled because I live very close to Marshall's BBQ in Farmers Branch and it's some of the best BBQ in Texas.

Then I came back and started packing.

I'm so funny when I'm traveling.  As soon as I get to the room, I spread everything out and get everything out of the suitcases, etc.  On the night before last day, I do the opposite, I put everything I don't need in my suitcase and start packing.  By the time I go to bed, everything is packed except what I need in the morning.

Then as I get ready in the morning, everything gets packed and moved close to the door.  I've found this method keeps me from losing things.

So I'm now at the workshop, checked out of my room and have my stuff in the corner.  And yes, I'm very anxious to go home.

Especially after the snide remark that was made by another participant in the workshop.  I was particpating, but have decided to quit for the rest of the day.