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Traveling - Flying this Time - Day 1

Flight is at 12:15 - left the house after 9:00. I like to leave early for the last minute panic of something I've left. So far, so good, everything I have to have for workshop is here with me.

By the way, husband isn't traveling, dogs are still home and very loud beagles, still have security system, neighbor that works nights, and cops that go by the house every 10 minutes.

Made it through TSA but it was a bit of a screw up.  Didn't have to be personally screened but had to go back with several bags and unpack them.  I wish they would quit changing rules <sigh> but no insulin breakage this time.

Right now I'm eating an early lunch -- Friday's petite sirloin and mashed potatos.  Seems a bit lapband friendly.

When I finish, I'll check in with the gate as I am going to ask for mobility assistance.  Usually helps.