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A little rant about Diabetes bloggers

This round of doctor’s visits are done

In addition to seeing the Shrink and Endo on Tuesday, I also saw my gynecologist on Wednesday (and Macy's saw her vet that day), and I saw my chiropractor and my sleep doctor today.

So far, everything is either coming out normal or the same as last year.

I hate the gynecologist because frankly, he tears me up during the exam and it is still bothering me today. However, he threatens not to give depot provera shots if I don't cooperate. Argh! Got that done too.

The chiropractor worked on both knees and my hip/lower back too. I have a lot of tenderness there, partly because of the shot and partly because last weeks' walking tore everything up. I have been working hard to recover from that.

The sleep doctor said everything looked good on the CPAP machine and that nothing new was out yet, but would be next year.

I still need to see my cardiologist and I'm a bit worried as I'm hoping to be teaching enrichment classes that day. I'm waiting to reschedule until the last minute.