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Monday Night's Dog Agility Class
Traveling Day 2

So far so good at the hotel

People in Kansas City so far are nice (well, except for one).

The hotel people have been super friendly and helpful.

I'm here without a car (yeah, I couldn't have rented one, but why? I'm here to work).

The hotel is in the same area as a Super Wal-Mart (the locals don't seem to like it when I say the hotel is IN the Wal-Mart parking lot, but yeah, there is a Cracker Barrel and their lot in between.

So when I got here, I walked over to Wal-Mart and picked up 6 bottles of water, some cheese and some crackers (emergency carbs).

For dinner, I walked back over to Wal-Mart and went to the far side to find a few chain restaurants (Chili's, KFC, Burger King) but nothing that turned me on, good thing, because it's a 9 lane highway according to the hotel lobby.

So I walked across the Wal-Mart to the Appleby's on the other side of the street.  People were really nice and motioned for me to go, even once when it wasn't safe.  Lapband worked again on dinner.  I have to get used to ordering for the lapband, but I brought back some of dinner.

By the way, the hotel room has a microwave AND refrigator.

When I got in -- about an hour after dinner I decided I needed a way to charge my phone (only necessity I forgot and I had several choices in how to do it) so I picked up a cable from Walmart.  Also grabbed some non-fat creamer since they have a coffee pot.  I can do no sugar but I have to have plenty of creamer, milk or something in my coffee.

I made it into the pool for my knee and then their hot tub.  I'll have to admit, our pool when we had was bigger, and our hottub is nicer, but it isn't bad.

I even brought my glasses this time!  I'm doing better at traveling and I've done lots of walking today.