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Second Fun Match

I'm getting the girls ready for the fall season. They are entered in two trials (Fort Worth), email me or twitter me if you want to come watch. Both trials are in August, indoors at Wyatt Arena (part of the Will Rogers complex). It's a real nice set of two trials. Our next trial will be in October, in a not as nice place and not climate controlled.

Last week we went to a fun match and it was pretty disappointing, we made many of our typical mistakes -- Maggie pooped in the ring, which is an elimination and Macy wasn't interested in playing.

Tonight was totally different. Macy's first time in the ring was disappointing, but our second standard run was great.  I worked her two worst obstacles, the teeter and the chute, which were in a circle and alternated them with jumps and other easier obstacles. The crowd was cheering her and she really got off on that.

She also did well in Jumpers, traveling in the same path and again got cheered by the crowd.

Maggie is worrying me, she is not recovering from the storms and near storms we've been having lately -- I twittered this -- she and Macy were loose in the dog room and she got out of the dog run, and out the fence. Macy followed through the dog run but stayed in the fence.  I checked the voice mail to see if we had a message about her, then grabbed some food to look for her in the park.  She actually came when she was called and came off Josey Lane (a six lane road), and so she's back.

Oddly enough she hasn't been interested in food, and didn't want any at the trial but was happy to run agility.  It's weird, but as long as she isn't in a complete panic she likes agility -- until she has to stop at the table.  I am really pretty sure that she's not going to be with us much longer as she has a pretty poor quality of life.  If we could only have a few weeks without storming she might snap out of it, but right now, she's miserable.