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Monday Night's Dog Agility Class

Macy and I had a really good class last night.  In dog agility "class" = "practice".

First we have a fabulous instructor -- Elizabeth Evans -- and thank dog she had the foresight to put up a building.  No building would mean no class last night.

We were focusing on a two jump and turn sequence.  We often see them at the start line.  I may have to break down and get Clean Run Course Design (agility course program).  She had us do it 4 ways.  Sadly the two best ways for Macy involved a lead out something she doesn't have.

Lead out == stay at the start line.  This darling cannot stay and I do work on it at home.  She can stay if I have her in a down and it on the sofa near her. Much more than that and it isn't happening.

Wendell, our other instructor had a nice little course that involved a wicked little serpentine (basically a line of jumps that the dog jumps away then towards the handler at least three times).