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Lap Band - over two months

I've had my lap band now since May 21st, a good two months.  I've lost between 20 and 25 pounds depending on the scale I look at.

I am slowly and steadily losing weight -- but it's still a bit frustrating since we're talking about a pound a week.  I'd rather lose more, and the initial weight loss makes it more frustrating.

Here's how I am trying to wrap my head around this.

I went for about a year maintaining my weight within 5 pounds (and yes that was frustrating too, but at least I was maintaining.  Then last year, about August, I started gaining about 10 pounds a month.  That was not only frustrating but physically hard on my body. 

It was November when I finally realized I needed help and went to TLC Edge.  At that point I stopped gaining weight, and started maintaining again.  It was still physically hard on my body along with the psychological problems that went with that.

So then I lost between 20 and 25 pounds when I actually had the surgery.  At first it felt better, but now I am back to a lot of physical pain.  Going to the chiropractor is helping that, and I'm doing both Celebrix and Tylenol.

I am still learning how to eat, and I often ignore the stop eating signs.  Can't ignore them for long, and I am stopping long before I used to.  So yes, the lap band is helping with portion sizes.  I am still having trouble picking the right food sometimes and the lap band isn't going to help that.

I'm "working" this week, staff development for a possible camp on Monday, then traveling and going to a workshop in Missouri.  I'm going to see the fit tech at TLC Edge when I get back and decide what to do then.

It isn't easy, but it is working.