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Discount Tires

There are some businesses I don't "get", and Discount Tires is one of them.  I have a Ford Escape and it has those cool tire sensors that tell you that your tire is flat.  Mine keeps going off and yes, one of the tires is consistently flat.  I go to Discount Tires near the house most of the time, because it's convenient and free and they kept telling me don't worry about the tire, it looked fine and filling it up periodically was okay.  So now it is going flat once a week and I have to park my car at the airport for four days and don't want to deal with it, so I went and had it repaired.

NO CHARGE!  Seriously.  Is that weird or what?

I was even prepared to be told that I needed a new tire.  Gee, at 46,000 miles you would expect that I needed at least 4 new tires wouldn't you?  Nope.

And got scolded because I hadn't been rotating my tires AND THEY DO IT FOR FREE!  And also got told to check my tires once a month (yes, that's free too).

Isn't that all weird?

I've never bought a tire from them, but my husband has. 

And guess where I'm buying my next set of tires (though at the rate I'm going I'll be getting a new car first).