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Day 43 with the Lap Band

Yesterday was 6 weeks since my surgery. 

I'm doing good.  I think I've mentioned this before, but when I start hiccupping it's either time to slow down or quit eating depending on what I am eating and doing.  Hiccuping is a precourser to some real nasty stuff.

I am still having trouble slowing down but it is getting better.  I stop on the first hiccup and wait awhile. 

I have been "off" since yesterday at 10:30 -- though had a shrink appointment at 11:00.  It was pretty good.  He seems to think that I'm doing pretty good.  I still haven't solved the problem I went to him for -- sleeping.  I've been pretty tired lately, as I am going to bed when I am so exhausted I can't keep my eyes open and then get up at 6:00.  I'm trying to sleep in some but Macy won't let me. 

I don't think I'm losing weight though my trainer thinks I am. I am staying away from the scale since it stresses me out.

I am going to something weird for my trip -- just in case, and take about 4 skirts that are too small for me.  At least then I won't be stuck if my clothing starts falling off again.

I leave Wednesday -- and don't worry, the husband, dogs and alarm system are all still here.  Visiting Mother on Wednesday, plan to be in DC on Friday, have to be in Charlottesville on the 14th  -- I've asked for a room the night before, but did it last minute so I don't know.  The workshop ends on the 16th, and I have a feeling I'll drive as straight through as possible to get home. 

Especially since it's a computer science workshop, I'll have my full compliment of laptops, smart phone and air card so I'll be tweeting and blogging on the way.

I'm planning on getting at least a 2 day tour pass and sight see in DC as much as possible.

I've been doing a lot of me stuff -- especially the last couple of days, I've actually pulled out 5 trash bags of stuff out of my office and put out a lot of broken electronics.  I'm getting rid of a computer that has been driving me nuts, and generally just taking care of me.

It's nice.