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A little rant about Diabetes bloggers

I am more than a bit miffed that I was not invited to the Roche summit.  At the same time, over a month ago, I had already decided I've lost some patience with some of the diabetes bloggers. 

To begin with I am the oldest diabetes blogger on the web.  David Mendosa has written articles about diabetes on the internet longer than I have, but he hasn't blogged as long as I have.  By the way, his writing is really good and informative, especially for the Type 2.

First, let me define what I think a diabetes blog is all about.  I believe a blog, is an online journal.  The blogs that I find most interesting is about the bloggers' life and has original material written by the blogger.  That's what both of my blogs, especially this one has been about.  No one sponsors me and if I blog about a product, I found them first and sought them out.  That goes for both this blog and the CS blog.

Unfortunately that cuts out a few of the diabetes blog, and frankly I'm about to unfollow them on tritter and to unsubscribe from my rss feeds.

A lot of the best blogs were NOT represented at Roche.  Some of my absolute favorites is "Ring the Bolus" and "Living in the Fast Lane" .  Both of these are by young men who are extremely active in their sports and are sharing their personal experiences.  Hey, that sounds like someone else I know (yes, dog agility isn't quite on the level of sport as Indy car racing and Ironmen races, but I do go to class every week and compete every weekend we have a trial in the local area). 

By the way, I've seen some snarky comments about Charlie Kimball's new blog and new twitter account, and I think that the person who made them is being extremely unfair.  I think it is super cool that Charlie is following his dream and I think it is absolutely fine that Novo Nordisk is making it possible. I also think that he and Novo Nordisk is using Twitter right, posting some interesting feeds.  And yes, one of my goals is to meet Charlie -- that means he has to come race at TMS, or I have to call in some family favors and go to Indy again.  (Gee, it's only one ticket, unless I can get the husband to go too).

By the way, I'm still diabetic, still use over 50 units of insulin a day, even through I did the lapband surgery.  And besides according to the medical definition of diabetes, I'll still be diabetic even if I CAN go off of insulin, and will have to still watch things -- I'll just be an extremely well controlled diabetic.