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Day 28 with the Lap Band

Told you not to expect an entry each day.....

I'm officially healed.  No more restrictions, can start doing weights again.

I am having trouble eating protein.  Smaller bites and more chewing will probably solve the problem.  I've had two dinner meals that were problems, but lunch and breakfast are fine.

Did 30 minutes on the treadmill -- probably the first time since the rain stopped.

Definately losing weight again.

Day 26 with the Lap Band

Today was even better.  I'm getting a regular work schedule now and I'm eating real food.  I also think I am losing weight, we'll see in a few days.  I'm doing middle school from 8:30 - 10:30, heading to testing and working there as long as I can stand it -- around 2:00.  I've been eating lunch after, as I haven't hungry.   I'm also taking Fridays off.

I've been able to raise my insulin to carb ratio for the morning -- and my blood sugar is in much better control. Though daily dosage is about where it was pre liquid diet before my surgery.

I went to the TLC Edge meeting tonight and we talked about fills, I've decided to move my fill up a week to next week. This way, I will be eating "food" during the 4th of July weekend and when I'm traveling.   It will also make my second fill "fit" better.  It will also mean I can get help easier if there is a problem.

I am already seeing some restriction and quite a bit of limiting my food intake.  In fact, it's much easier to stick to the 1100 Diet Gourmet diet.

Day 25 with the Lap Band

Today was MUCH better.

Girls camp was weird -- we had about the same number of girls as last Thursday when it rained.  I've learned some interesting thing about it.  It's not like real school, the girls may or may not come.  I'm not sure how we are going to resolve that. I am learning to go with the flow.

Testing went well.  The guy that was driving me nuts was out, so I sat down with his boss for a long time, and I've figured out what I need to do.  We also resolved the issue with the fact that one of my partners is missing until the 20th, and we don't know the status of the other.

Had a FABULOUS agility session. Got through both classes, something I haven't been able to do for a long time, and both dogs did very well.  It's amazing how much easier it is to do dog agilit missing 20 - 25 pound.

And I'm not worrying about numbers right now.

Ate three diet gourmet meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plus had something I haven't had in about 2 months -- a hamburger -- Quarter Pound with Cheese.  Didn't eat the whole thing, but it tasted good and I didn't need anything else.  That's the nice thing about the lap band.

Day 24 with the Lap Band

Eating today was harder.  Volume of food has been better -- though I will probably eat some eggs when I get done with this -- the protein is supposed to help hunger.  I've been doing Unjury protein drinks and eating my protein first but I'm still hungry.  I'm trying to keep eggs and cottage cheese in the house both are my favorite and cheapest way to do protein.  They also go down fairly easily.

I haven't been sleeping well do to the storms and to the frustration I ran into on Friday, hopefully I'll do better tonight.  Workouts are hard too, as I have a lot of joint pain from the storms.

I'm just trying to take everything one day at a time. 

I almost forgot -- I did something good for me -- I had a coupon for $5.00 off from a Nail place I hadn't used so I got a spa manicure/pedicure.  That's my favorite way to do my nails and feet -- a spa chair, just relax and don't move until they are done.

This gal was pretty good and the place was nice -- I went to a place two weeks ago in my neighborhood and they did a spa pedicuare but a normal manicure which I don't really like as shifting may smear the toe polish.

Day 23 with the Lap Band

Right now, I'm still in adjustment mode.

Today is great because it was my first day to eat Diet Gourmet food all three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Had a little trouble with lunch and dinner, but not bad.  Though my biggest problem with dinner was that I did just didn't feel like I had enough to eat.  A fill or two and getting adjusted to the new calorie levels will help that.

Had a good workout with my personal trainer.

Still worried about yesterday's frustrations -- but I realize quitting isn't the answer -- if I quit, I'll have to write my own exams and grade them, and if I stick it out, I get paid to write the exams.

All in all things are good -- a nice quiet Saturday and working on healing.

Macy is SO annoying

Macy likes to run in the park across the street.  We don't let her, but she managed to today.  Here's the annoying part -- none of the dog tricks work -- walking away makes her run away faster -- stopping and squatting and pretending you've found something cool -- runs away faster.  The only way to catch her is the intuitive one -- just chase her down, which I was successful in doing.

Yes, she knows to come when called, sits, downs and does all the agility stuff, but she's a typical beagle.

Day 22 with Lap Band

Today was frustrating, and frustration makes me over eat.  It was interesting to see how the lap band helped.

Frustrating events:

  • Tried to send two clothing items back because they didn't fit.  The directions insisted on UPS.    Went to Office Depot and it took 20 minutes for them to figure out they couldn't send it.  Tried Mailbox Etc and they wanted $15.00 (Office Depot didn't mail it for$8.00).  Finally found a UPS store that did it for the Office Depot price and was quick and painless. 
  • Made it to the training make up session and it was a zoo.  Two woment were talking behind me and I couldn't hear the speaker.  I finally raised my hand and said, hey, I can't hear you, it isn't your fault but the two women behind me talking.  Then some idiot's phone ran AND SHE ANSWERED AND HAD A CONVERSATION.  These were teachers.  I wanted to get up, and do what I do to my kids .. tap my foot while I have my hand out for the phone. This one I would have flushed but I restrained myself.
  • Sat down to look at the test, couldn't figure out what they wanted and oh, yeah, the room was packed.  I finaly got my "supervisor" to stop and talk to me, and he basically said the test sucked (I worked on it all last summer), and had to be rewritten.  The sad part, is that they never did make the changes I wanted last year.  Also my partner voice mailed to tell me she couldn't make it, 15 minutes before we were due to meet.

I resisted fast food, picked up Diet Gourmet and ate my Diet Gourmet lunch.  I still was frusterated and still needed something bad.  Finally broke down and got some roasted chicken from the grocery store.  I have to eat it very, very slowly and it gets stuck easily. 

The sad part, is the food that is easy to eat is the highest calorie and highest carb, but fortunately resisted all of that.

I ate Diet Gourmet dinner very late, didn't eat much of it, but tried a little bit of everything. 

I'm learning.

Had a good workout with my trainer and will see her tomorrow, I have to remember to take Liquid Tylonel before I see her as I have been having arthrist problems with our storms.

Day 21 after Surgery

Sorry I am late today but life was really busy yesterday.  We had massive storms, didn't have power at the middle school I am teaching at, and lots of things going on -- locked keys in car, got a new phone as mine had stopped working, and basically life was full.

I did go to a bandster dinner and met some interesting people.  Spent quite awhile talking to my neighbor who is very successful with the band.  She didn't tell me anything different than anything else I've heard, but it helped.

I'm still gaining and losing the same three pounds, still having trouble with blood sugar control but it should start getting better as I am back on Diet Gourmet food all three meals starting tomorrow.  Can't wait.

Day 20 with the Lap Band

Still working on the same 3 pounds, but that is to be expected. 

I ate my first Diet Gourmet Meal in months, and man did I miss them.  The nicest part is the calorie and carb count is on the lid of the container.  I have to learn to eat slower but otherwise no problems.  And it was good.

Will be going to a Bandster support dinner tomorrow, and I hope they can help with that.  Also planning on going to a support group meeting next Tuesday to learn about fills.

My head wanted me to go back to my old ways last night, but as long as I pick the right food, I can't do it.  The bad thing is that the really good, high calorie foods can be eaten without ill effects, and I have to remember to stay away with from them.  Things like ice cream.

So I'm almost three weeks with the band and I am happy with it.  Even though I'm tired today.

Day 19 with the Band

YEAH! My weight is back down to it's lowest.

Yesterday is exactly why I did my surgery when I did.  Absolutely no time to think about eating, much less doing it.

I see shrink today, and I have two issues to work on -- dealing with the band and dealing with coworkers.  Especially since I'm campus technologist again next year.  At least now I understand my job.  Last year it took a long time to get a handle on it. 

I'm going to a bandster dinner Thursday night, I really need help in learning how to eat like a bandster (bandster is term for someone who has had lapband surgery). 

And I'm also getting plans together for trip, I have 3 days of travel, 3 days of sightseeing, 2 days of workshop and 3 days of travel.

I'm also proud of myself for turning DOWN a paying gig.  My specialist wanted to know how many hours do I need to fix curriculum and I asked for 20.  At the same time I said that PreAP needed 30 hours and I wanted a more experienced teacher to do it, the new Townview teacher.  Hope she at least appreciates the thought!  And I did it in a way that didn't close any doors.

Probably more later on today.