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Day 37 with Lapband
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My Mother

And yes, since my sister got her on Facebook, she'll probably read this.  The sad part, is that she will only get what she wants to get, as that is how she reads everything.

We had a tough conversation last night.  She's worried about her brother-in-law, my uncle as he is having problems with complications from diabetes. He's on insulin now -- the oral medications stopped working, which is going to happen if you live long enough.

Oh, and mom has diabetes too, and she should know these things.

Last night she told me if she had to go on insulin she'd give up, she wouldn't do it.  This is being told to her daughter who choose to go on insulin in 2002 because I was tired of the random number generator.  I wanted her on insulin immediately when she was diagnosed, but of course she won't listen. 

Here I am, on insulin AND symlin, with the genuine and earned fear of needles -- emergency plastic surgery after going through a windshield of a car with nothing to numb the face.  She's seen me inject, etc.  Oh, and yeah, I'm the one getting fills which involves another needle.

PLEASE.    I'm sorry but insulin isn't that big of a deal and I really don't have much respect or patience with that attitude.

But that isn't the biggest problem.....

I've got another issue right now that she doesn't get - mushies -- every lap band patient gains weight when they are on mushies. It's expected, you can't help it, and you eat food you can't and don't eat any other time.

There isn't much you can eat on mushies.  The easiest for me is "loaded" baked potato so that when I get done there is more butter, sour creme, and/or cottage cheese than there is potato.  Of course, there is little or no protein etc.

AND worse yet, I was on the phone with her after the fill, and OH MY GOD, I actually went to Sonic and bought a strawberry shake.  How awful, especially after I stated to her last night that I don't keep ice cream in the house and I don't buy it.  OH MY GOD, how awful that I bought a shake -- she sniped at me over this in an aside last night.

I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of flying to Washington now, and skipping the trip to her house.