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Day 35 with Lapband -- First Fill
My Mother

Day 37 with Lapband

So I am 37 days out from lap band and am two day from my first fill.  Next time I do a fill in the day I am going to make sure I eat something 3 1/2 hours before the actual fill.  Next time will be hard, as I as scheduled for first in the day.   But in a way, it might be easier.

I don't notice any changes from the fill yet, but I am still on munshies.  Which I just spelled as munchies which probably describes mushies for me. They are higher in carb than my normal food, which makes it hard for me.

My diabetes remains the same, though I'll say my over all blood sugar level is lower -- probably will go up a tad with the mushies, but back down.  I'm having trouble with the arthitis again lately which means my activity level goes down.

I'm getting mentally ready for my trip -- I'm going to concentrate on getting high quality meals on the trip and not do the fast food thing. 

I probably won't know how the fill is until later on in the week.

I do have a bit of a NSV (non scale victory).  I finally decided to go through my clothing -- I've purchased a few items on clearance from plus size stores, and I have a good selection of skirts I can wear.   That's one thing I wanted to make sure of.

It's a real issue.  The largest size I have arond the house literally fall off of me, and they have been put aside.  I' m weraing the next smallest size, and can even wear a pair of jeans in that size -- have them on now -- jeans have been a huge problem, as I carry most of my weight in my midsection.  The size below what I am wearing now, I can wear if it is a stretch demin skirt, but I try not to , as I know I look heavier in them.  I did find some things I can wear in this size that was stashed in the back of my closet so that means I have more clothing than I though.

Right now, I keep a bag to hold clothing both upstairs and down and if I find something that falls off of me, or it is the current size and I know I won't wear it, I put the item in the bag.  I figure when I fill a bag up, I'll take them down the road to Salvation Army.