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Day 32 with the Lap Band
Day 37 with Lapband

Day 35 with Lapband -- First Fill

Got my first fill today.  It was not a big deal at all. The PA numbed me, found the port, did her thing and in less than a minute I was done.  I was in the office for a total of 30 minutes that included checking in, getting weighed, etc. and making the next appointment.

B lood pressure was excellent, weight was good -- I think I've lost about 21 pound total according to their scales, but not 100% sure what my heaviest was.  7 pounds total since the surgery.

I'm on two days of full liquids and two days of mushies and then back to normal food.  Had a Sonic Strawberry Shake because I was starving!  Couldn't eat for three hours before the fill.

We'll see how after the fill goes...