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Day 31 with Lap Band
Day 35 with Lapband -- First Fill

Day 32 with the Lap Band

I am really having trouble eating protein.  Chicken, ground beef, tuna, etc. is really hard for me to get down.  I am being a good bandster and eating it first.  It gets stuck and often comes back up.  I suppose this is a good thing.  It is certainly keeping me from over eating.

I really do think need to get more protein in during the morning.  My typical Diet Gourmet breakfast is 10 carbs. I'll see while I am on my tricks but something like an Egg McMuffin, or scrambled eggs and sausage, might stick with me longer.  Today was typically, muffin and yogurt.

I'm probably doing too much of things like cottage cheese and eggs but those are thing that stay down.

I am doing a lot of things for myself.  I went to Merle Norman and had them do me a makeover and then bought their stuff.  I really liked them when I was in college and when I was working as a programmer.  When I started teaching I stopped wearing makeup, I think it was in response to the overly made up girls.  Back when I started, there are a lot of young ladies I wanted to take to the bathroom, have them wash it off and try again, but we don't see a lot of that right now.

So, no one really will recognize me when we come back to school.

I had a really good workout with the personal trainer -- this was our first chance to do a good workout with weights -- she's coming again tomorrow, Friday and Saturday as she missed this weekend due to some personal issues.

Summer school and summer testing work is going well -- will start with that again on tomorrow (Tuesday).