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Why do people STILL get their eye dialated for routine exams?
Day 32 with the Lap Band

Day 31 with Lap Band

Wow!  It's been a month since surgery.

I'd love to see another burst in weight loss, but I'm having a lot of hunger. 

  • Real, physical hunger not so much.
  • Head hunger -- I've got a lot of -- I did something that I usually eat after so I think I ought to eat.  Or it's a time I usually eat. 
  • Some emotional hunger.  Some of it is frustration (last week), and some of it is boredom -- I've got to figure out what to do when I do have some down time.  I've got plenty of things to do, but sometimes it takes some energy to think about it.

Learning is helping the head hunger -- Yesterday I got something to eat because of head hungry and I ended up coughing it all up.  Enough of that will stop the head hunger for sure because it literally isn't any fun.

I'm also hoping the fill with help.  I'm hungry more in the day than I should be right now.

Fill is on Thursday.

Should be a quiet week, am hoping to work on the test some but am figuring on having Monday off. 

Exercise is going well, I've been on the treadmill almost every day since school has been out and have been doing 30 minutes a day in 2 sessions. I've been able to do 15 minutes straight consistently and am trying to work up to 20.