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Day 21 after Surgery
Macy is SO annoying

Day 22 with Lap Band

Today was frustrating, and frustration makes me over eat.  It was interesting to see how the lap band helped.

Frustrating events:

  • Tried to send two clothing items back because they didn't fit.  The directions insisted on UPS.    Went to Office Depot and it took 20 minutes for them to figure out they couldn't send it.  Tried Mailbox Etc and they wanted $15.00 (Office Depot didn't mail it for$8.00).  Finally found a UPS store that did it for the Office Depot price and was quick and painless. 
  • Made it to the training make up session and it was a zoo.  Two woment were talking behind me and I couldn't hear the speaker.  I finally raised my hand and said, hey, I can't hear you, it isn't your fault but the two women behind me talking.  Then some idiot's phone ran AND SHE ANSWERED AND HAD A CONVERSATION.  These were teachers.  I wanted to get up, and do what I do to my kids .. tap my foot while I have my hand out for the phone. This one I would have flushed but I restrained myself.
  • Sat down to look at the test, couldn't figure out what they wanted and oh, yeah, the room was packed.  I finaly got my "supervisor" to stop and talk to me, and he basically said the test sucked (I worked on it all last summer), and had to be rewritten.  The sad part, is that they never did make the changes I wanted last year.  Also my partner voice mailed to tell me she couldn't make it, 15 minutes before we were due to meet.

I resisted fast food, picked up Diet Gourmet and ate my Diet Gourmet lunch.  I still was frusterated and still needed something bad.  Finally broke down and got some roasted chicken from the grocery store.  I have to eat it very, very slowly and it gets stuck easily. 

The sad part, is the food that is easy to eat is the highest calorie and highest carb, but fortunately resisted all of that.

I ate Diet Gourmet dinner very late, didn't eat much of it, but tried a little bit of everything. 

I'm learning.

Had a good workout with my trainer and will see her tomorrow, I have to remember to take Liquid Tylonel before I see her as I have been having arthrist problems with our storms.