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Day 19 with the Band
Day 21 after Surgery

Day 20 with the Lap Band

Still working on the same 3 pounds, but that is to be expected. 

I ate my first Diet Gourmet Meal in months, and man did I miss them.  The nicest part is the calorie and carb count is on the lid of the container.  I have to learn to eat slower but otherwise no problems.  And it was good.

Will be going to a Bandster support dinner tomorrow, and I hope they can help with that.  Also planning on going to a support group meeting next Tuesday to learn about fills.

My head wanted me to go back to my old ways last night, but as long as I pick the right food, I can't do it.  The bad thing is that the really good, high calorie foods can be eaten without ill effects, and I have to remember to stay away with from them.  Things like ice cream.

So I'm almost three weeks with the band and I am happy with it.  Even though I'm tired today.