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Solved the Ping Screen problem

I had to return my first Ping (Animas pump), after my first weekend with it because I managed to scratch a very big area on it.  Looked like it had come in contact with in enemy board, and not for just a few moments.

Being the geek I am, I have sheets of screen protector for PDA devices.  I have to cut the sheet down substantially but I've had one on my pump for several months and it had gotten scratched, dirty, etc, even started a hole in the plastic.

Peeled it off this evening and the screen is as good as new.  I immediately put on a new sheet and I'm good to go.

Wish I didn't have to go to those lengths, never did with the IR1000, the IR1200, the IR1250.  Just the Ping.  Weird.

Less than 3 days

My last weigh in is Friday morning, less than 3 days.

Good things are happening, finally.  I had the best dog agility practice in a long time and was able to actually run a few of the courses.

I was having problems with Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome but after the chiropractor adjusted my foot and a day in my New Balance walking shoes, I'm fine.

I'm doing 15-20 minutes on the treadmill now, and I am eating protein and Slim-Fast only. 

It's hard to wait now that I am committed to the surgery.

Less than Six Days to Go

My last weigh in before surgery is on Friday at 8:00 am. 

Still not losing weight.  I am however, working hard on sleep, as I think that is the final problem.  I've been getting to bed before 11:30, and I have been waking up at least twice, but I have stayed in bed. 

Today I did real wel, went to bed before 11:30, woke up at my usual time, fed dogs, ate breakfast and went back to bed until 10:00 am.  If I can do that again tonight and tomorrow, and then start getting to bed before 11:00 next week I think I will do a lot better.

Means I got over 6 hours of sleep, and I know I really need right around 8 hours, but am having trouble with the mask.  Hopefully when school is out I can do even better.

We've got right around 5 more weeks, one week of that exam week.

Less than Two Weeks to go

May 1st is my last medical weight loss appointment.  I've been doing okay, but I still don't think I losing weight.

I can have been doing Slimfast either shakes or bars during the day, but I'm still either too tired or too thirsty to be completely in control of eating.  I'm working on it though.  I do mostly protein at night, but went a little out of control yesterday.  Felt better after though.

Yesterday was the end of the 5th six weeks, so we have about 6 more weeks to go of school. 

The great news is that my blood sugar has been very smooth and fairly low.

Tuesday I'm literally taking a mental health day  and seeing my psychriatrist hopefully to help me deal with the eating issue.

Did 20 minutes – and have a time frame for surgery

Yep, first time in a while, managed to walk 20 minutes on the treadmill, slowly of course, but without stopping.

Also did some weights.

I got a hold of my case manager, and have a time line now:

  • last appointment – May 1
  • paywork turned into the insurance company – May 6
  • insurance approval – May 27 until June 10
  • preop appointment with surgeon
  • labs and EKG with PCP
  • surgery

Seriously doubt it is going to happen in May, we’ll see how the projected time line goes against real life.

I have been doing SlimFast only during the day, usually 3 shakes and a bar.  Doing protein only at night with some SlimFast. 

I honestly don’t think I can do a liquid diet between now and June without hopes of surgery, but we’ll see.  I am working hard to bring the insulin TDD down.  My best has been at 30 units and I’m a long way from that.  I did 30 units before noon.

Why I don't fault the Obamas on their choice of dog

Dogs are hard, especially if you haven't had one before.

And I think the Obama's have gone the right route -- though I rarely suggest dogs as gifts even if Ted Kennedy wants to give you one.  Well, especially if Ted Kennedy wants to give  you a dog, but at least he didn't offer to drive anyone anywhere.

Now the Obama's are not going to experience a dog the way most people experience dogs.  There is a White House kennel and there is a White House dog walker.  So they might go weeks without being around the dog.

But rescues are hard.  I've had three bad rescues in a row, and I don't recommend a rescue for a first time dog owner.  One drove everyone in the household nuts, especially the existing dog and was returned.  One died of parvo, like Ophra just went through and the last one is still here, though that status could change.  I will say that she is infinitly easier to live with since we put her on Xanax.  We even got through last night's thunderstorms without her disturbing the humans.

If you have a child that has allergies to dogs, you have to be even more careful.  Getting a PWD, and bringing it into the house for a meeting in advance was a super idea.

Getting an older dog that already had tried a home was also a great idea.  The breeder, Kennedy and the Obamas should have an idea why the dog failed from the first home and should have a better idea on whether the dog is going to fit or not.

All in all, I think they made a good decision.

2 Weeks – 6 Days

Yeah, I’m counting.

I kinda of screwed up though, but I am not changing it.  May 1st, the day of my appointment is the last day of TAKS testing.  Since the Campus Technology job has been the final straw for me, I’m coming first for a change.

Anyway, getting through the day fine without Diet Gourmet food.  Had a bit of cheese cubes earlier, and have had 3 SlimFast shakes so far.

Blood sugar has been good but the main reason for posting – made it to 15 minutes on the treadmill today!  The longest before today since my restarts was 11 minutes and that was yesterday.

Got some good extra sleep so far today too.  Got up at my usual time, fed dogs, messed with home server and then went back to bed until 11:00.

So far so good, though I’m off to grill a steak and have it.

3 weeks to go

My last medically supervised weight loss visit is 3 days away.  I called and checked to make sure they had the appointment in the computer and they do. 

Ate my last Diet Gourmet meal.  Right now, I'm been going through the school day drinking and eating SlimFast and I would ate my Diet Gourmet meal when I got home from school.  I've done pretty well with that, but was very stressed out today by student behavior.  Most of our students were there and very wound up.

I'm up to 11 minutes on the treadmill today.  And TDD is down to 85, so things are going in the right direction, but I don't think I'm losing weight.  I think I'm going to have to focus on sleeping, as I am not doing that well.

More Baby Steps

I am doing fine with SlimFast only at school.  Monday, the first day was the worst, but I just ate or drank another SlimFast thing when I got hungry or uptight over might being hungry.

Yesterday was better, partly because we were doing TELPAS online testing and in addition to my own classes was a technical consultant for the two people doing the test.

Today was even better and not nearly as hectic, so it’s doable.  I ate one bar and drank two shakes so that wasn’t too bad.

I am ready for food when I come home and last night was bad, but okay.  So I’m still at two meals, one Diet Gourmet lunch and one protein only meal, but doing SlimFast the rest of the time.

TDD is slowly going down.

I am also walking on the treadmill again – only one session this trip, so I don’t feel like I’m trying to accomplish going nowhere all night.  I’ve slowly built up to 8 minutes.

Getting there.

I have 3 1/2 weeks until the next weight loss visit.

Hypoglemic Detector Dogs DON'T!

I knew they were scam artists from the minute I saw them on D-Life, and it's half the reason I don't have much to do with D-Life.

Won't mention the name, but there is a outit in Missouri, who have been on D-Life, who is being sued by the Attorney General in Missouiri because the dogs aren't doing their job.

Now, I'll go back and say that I do believe dogs can be trained to alert on hypoglymic eposides and they probably work as well if not better than CGMS system.  And since I'm an experienced CGMS user I won't claim that either are that reliable.

I know, since I am a former drug dog trainer, that I could train a dog to do the job, but I don't want a service dog.  Might change my mind someday, but I like having them as partners, and service dogs aren't really partners, they really are the boss if you are going to be able to rely on them.  You'd understand the distinction if you have ever worked with a working dog.

And yes, when I did K9 work I had working dogs and agility dogs, and the relation isn't the same.