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Step 2 Done

I just got word from my case manager that they got the medical history from my primary care physician they needed.  This was a bit of a pain, as the first go around, the primary care physician only gave them 2 years.  I'm glad I'm working in advance.

I've sent an email to my shrink about the psych evaluation but haven't heard anything back. I have an appointment with them on March 15 so I want to have that paperwork done that week.  I guess I'll call the week before and remind them I want it done.  I am figuring on having to pay extra fees for it.

Next week will be week 4 of my "medically supervised diet".  I'm going to ask for additional help in trying to lose weight since I haven't been successful so far.

6th Year Anniversary

Yeah, I've been posting for 6 years. 

Old diabetes blog.

I will say that the frequency of posting tends to reflect my diabetes management. 

I'll also say that going to Typepad really helped me -- it's hard to be both a blogger and a System Administrator.

Hope I can come up with more and high quality words later, but right now, this is all I can do.

New pump is here

Though UPS is irritating.  They delivered at 3:30 today!  I decided I’d work in the office until it came and headed out of my classroom at 3:45.  It was in the office when I got there so I grabbed it and headed out.

I think I know what happened.  I caught myself nervously rubbing my pump in my pocket last night at agility, rubbing the pocket outside the pump actually.  Still that should not happen.  I think I might call about it in the morning.  I’m going to drop the old one off at UPS tonight.

Replacement pump coming tomorrow

I am having them deliver it to school.

Animas tech didn't give me a real hard time over it, but I wish I knew how the screen got damaged.  I've shown it to several people, they agree it looks like an emery board got to it BUT it was in my pocket all day Saturday, clipped to my jeans.

The jeans have been through the wash at least once.


Bad Two Weeks

I am still very upset over the doctor's appointments two weeks ago and I am letting it affect me physically in a bad way.

I've decided I have to get over and to focus on one behavior again -- drinking water.  Thus I have a bottle of water laced with Crystal Light that I am working on.

I've also still been really tired so I am going to focus on getting enough sleep.

I decided not to do the dog agility trial today -- too cold and too stressful on everyone and give my self a break.

Pump screen damaged

I am really upset and have no idea how it happened.  I left for dog agility around 10:00 am this morning and my pump screen was fine.

It had been in my pocket all day.  My keys were in my other pocket and the only thing in my pocket was some plastic bags.  However my pump screen is scratched so badly that I can't read it.  It looks like an emery board was taken too it.  Noticed it when I was bolusing when I was finished with the trial.

My first reason I'm upset is that it's 3 weeks old and I can't read it!  I've never had a pump screen OR cell phone screen scratch like this.

The second reason is I can't figure out how it happened.

Guess I'm calling to complain on Monday.

More Ping and Battery

The pump battery has been showing two bars instead of three so I'll have to change it soon, probably on the next refill.  NOW I have been going through about 150 units a day lately, so your battery milage should be better.

But two weeks for the meter on regular batterys isn't bad (and I have lithium in it now) and three weeks on the pump.  Nice to know for planning but I go no where without spare pump/meter batteries.

Almost Two Weeks on the Ping

I got my new Animas Ping and "installed" it Monday, February 2.  Interesting trends -- at least my endo liked them and they continue.

As you can see my blood sugar is trending downward and the dots are getting tighter together.

My TDD sucks though.

Also, no battery changes so far which surprises me.  The meter is on regular AAAs and I use it a lot.

Bad Week

I don't know if it is the weather, the not good news from Monday or what, but I've spent the week hurting and exhausted.  Knee has bothered me, shoulder has bothered me, and over all just stiff.

Food hasn't been good either. Okay at work but am starving as soon as I get off.

Sleepy, early evening but can't sleep at bedtime.  Too sore to walk.

Decided not to do dog agility today since it is under 40 degrees. Figured neither my arthritis or Maggie would be happy.

 On the good side, my blood sugar control has not been the good in a long time. The Ping is definitely good.