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Weird Week

Went to an MSDN developer's conference on Monday. Had an ice day yesterday.You would think I would be recharged but I am exhausted. Part of it is the cold I picked up this weekend. I would say about every 3 out of 4 kids at school have colds.


  still bothering me. The pain was me out. I will say its good when I am not using a mouse or keyboard so I might try that tomorrow. Right now I am using my tablet PC and I can use it tomorrow.

  weekend and an agility trial.

New pump coming on Monday

My warranty is up on February 25. I went pump shopping during winter break. Decided to stick "with theo nes that brung me Animas".

Why? In my opinion they have the newest and best technology.

I also like the form factor and the customer service.

I thought hard about the Cosmo but they lost me on the technology and especially the screen hard for this bifocal wearing gal to read.

Medtronic is Medtronic.

Here is the weird part. My warranty is not up until the end of February .

isn't going to cost a dime as long as I return the old pump. not sure why I wouldn't.

Got a black pump. Wish the meter was black but they are all silver.

Decent Agility Weekend

I am stiff and completely exhausted. 

This weekend was the first weekend of the 2009 agility season for us -- we only do AKC and it was the first AKC trial.  Yesterday was cold and today was a bit better.  By the way, Landend silk underwear is the best. I need to find my undershirts by next weekend though it's supposed to be in the 60's.

Maggie came close to Q'ing in JWW and wasn't bad yesterday in Standard.  I think I was too tired and too slow for either dog, though Macy did try for a little while in her own class.

The good news is that I managed to get through yesterday and went back today.  I didn't do that all fall. 

Baby steps.

A1C news isn't good.  8.1 and had a 7.9 in November.  However, Animas called Friday and wanted to start the insurance process, so I went in my form Friday evening and mailed the original yesterday on the way to the agility trial.

Blog Entry dated 1/21/2009 7:14 PM

Still managing to get in a 10 minutes - resistance training - break - 10 minute workout.  Too tired to do much more time right now.

Shoulder is better today and I've signed up with the chiropractor for a bunch of visits.  Very happy with that service.

Still don't think I"m losing weight but my skirts are getting bigger.  Not abnormal for me, and I think it will just take a while for my body to get out of starvation mode.

My next step is more sleep and I have been getting to bed earlier. 

Blog Entry dated 1/20/2009 7:30 PM

Hey, contribute does a nice job of making up a title.  I think I'll leave it. 

I use several different tools to make blog entries, Adobe Contribute is one of the easiest but I like Windows Live Writer too.

Got my A1c back but don't know what the old one is.  I have an idea, but I"ll wait on that until I hear from the endo's office.

Also let them know we're talking about pump on February 9th, and asked what paperwork to bring.

Shoulder is still bothering me, and the more I mouse at school the worse it gets.  This computer could feel a bit better if I dropped the height, but can't seem to do that with this table.  I'll have to look for a touch pad attachment and see if that helps -- I just thought of that since this computer DOES have one, and doesn't put as much strain on the shoulder.

At school, I pulled the monitors to the front of the desk and am using an adjustable height desk for keyboard and mouse.  It's the laptop table I bought on clearance from Office Depot.   I love Office Depot clearance.

Saw a chiropractor this evening and they seemed to have helped.  They are across the bridge from the house and he is almost as overweight as I am so I don't think I'll get the snarky comments I get from the orthopedist.  I got an appointment from his office for tomorrow afternoon, but the chiropractor could see me today.  I am going to see how much it is going to cost for him to fix me, but I'm already better. 

Only problem is that he doesn't seem super busy so he is either really good, or the opposite.  Lovely office but with a lousy parking lot, typical of my suburb.

I am still managing to work out each day and I am hoping to have solved some of my evening eating issues.  Drinking a bottle of water first thing helps, so I'm making that a mission.  It takes most of the day to finish it but I'm the same way with coke.

I also did another smart thing.  I completely stocked up on groceries so I don't have to hit the local restaurants. I grilled a dozen chicken breasts this evening.  I completely avoided any baked potatos or totillas.

Good and bad things


Still working out, happy with the split cardio with beginning resistance exercises in the middle. And some stretches.  Did 22 minutes tonight.

Learning that drinking water does manage hunger.  Need to make drinking one bottle first thing in the day.  Also think that would help on blood draws, but didn't really ask much. 

Realized last week when craving food, only protein satisfys and with the cold, it needs to be warm protein, so picked up several different forms at the grocery store.  Did a bacon/cheese omelet this evening.


Had a blood draw, tech had trouble finding vein, she kinda of mentioned the water thing might be causing it, should have asked.

Not losing weight still -- weighed at endo's office and still same weight.  I'm ready to lose already!

Changing my exercise focus

For the last few weeks I have been focused on getting to twenty minutes a day of cardio and I have managed.  This is something I know, if I can get 20 minutes on the treadmill done within an hour, I can skip my dinner bolus, reducing my total dosage.  I’ve been there for several days.

While I would like to get to one session of 20 minutes, I think it is going to take a while, so I’ve decided to change my focus a bit, and to be satisfied with two sets on the treadmill, with short session of resistance training in between, and a stop on the computer – which is what I am doing now.

So I have started feeling good about 10 minutes, but will slowly add to it each day as I feel better.  I have also added triceps and biceps every other day, then crunches and stretches every day. It feels like a doable work out.

Shoulder is still sore but the massage helped.

Changes in bolus rates working – my average blood sugar is still under 150 so that’s good.  If I can get my TDD down I know I will lose weight.

Small Changes

Weight isn't budging, but my overall average blood sugar is lower -- almost too low, so I am making a small change that might effect the weight.

Corrections are definately working and so are my boluses, so I'm going to change my insulin to carb ration from 4 to 5.  That should reduce the amount of insulin I'm using which should allow weight change.

I do have to be careful to keep checking as I don't want my blood sugar levels to go too high -- that causes food cravings.

Also need to be working on the water, I really let that slip this week.

Heading off for a massage, hoping to get my shoulder fixed.  I'm hoping between massage and being away from my desk for 4 days, it will get better.

Retina Checkups

She's actually the second or third diabetic I've heard of lately going through this, and frankly it's nuts.

I go to a really good place called Contact Lens Center and they do retinal mapping:

Catches a ton more than diation and they have like 6 years of history on me. My doctor knows instantly what she is looking at, and compares previous visits.

Quoted from

Six Until Me.: Appointment'd Out.

Thursday had me with dilated pupils at the retinologist's office. Of all the appointments this week, this eye one was the least ... awesome.

Fall Semester is almost over

I hate the new schedule.  Yes, fall semester isn't over until today.  Really Monday.

More good news - today's skirt, again one of the larger ones I've recently bought also feels too big.  I have to remember to grab it's belt before I leave.  Also the bras I bought at the same time are also feeling a bit big.  That's not an issue at all since they have an alterations department.  At about a third of the cost of new, they will custom alter these.

Evening food is still an issue, but I'm working on it.  Exercise is getting easier. 

I've been doing cardio only, but I think I'll add some weight and core exercises tonight.