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December 2008

New Years Resolution - Day 5

Today is a good day, the scale showed the exact same amount as it did yesterday and I have a scale that weighs in tenths.

Yesterday actually was a good day, though I probably didn't help the starvation mode much as I only ate one meal before 5:00 pm but it was a pretty good sized one.  It was disappointing however, I want to Saltgrass, the side order was horrible and the wait staff rushed me.  Sorry, but I wanted a nice leisurely lunch.  I suppose if I want to do that, it's back to the Brazilian restaurant.  It's actually cheaper, service is much better and so is the food.

I went shopping yesterday.  I've only gone shopping a few times during break -- mostly for Zune accessories (hard to fine), and clothing.  That meant I did a lot of walking.  I got the supplies I need for the new computer lab at Walmart, hit Best Buy and Fry's and bought nothing.  Tried Lane Bryant and found nothing.  I did finally get me an after Christmas present -- I get paid for the teacher tech thing so I bought myself a tech toy.

The good news is that the inescapable urge to eat in the evenings is subsiding.  It's not completely gone but working on it.

Still need to work on drinking water -- I am so bad at that it isn't funny. 

And I might have fixed the CPAP problem.  I don't think it is the size of the mask so much as how it is fitted and I am tweaking it.  It stayed on most of the night last night.  I also need to work on getting back to a regular schedule since I've got 5 days before I go back to work.

Happy New Year's everyone!

New Years Resolution - Day 3

No, I am not going to update every day.  That would not be fun for any of us.

So yesterday I managed to do okay on water but could hav done better.  Got on the treadmill for several short sessions.  Eating wasn't bad, but could have been better in the evening.

Today has not been good on water.  I keep NOT drinking when I am thirsty.  Weird.  But did get on the treadmill for two slightly longer sessions then yesterday.  Food has been good so far.

Diet Gourmet will be back on Friday, counting days!

New York Start - Day 1

I've done better on water today but I don't think I'm there yet.

I got on the treadmill, did 8 minutes, which isn't much but more than I have been doing.  Food wasn't too bad -- finished the last of my 2008 Diet Gourmet food and ready for our first 2009 pick up on Friday.

Did go grocery shopping and picked up some stuff I can survive on.  Chili fixings, potatoes and steak.  Not the most balanced but a start.  And I already have breakfast food.

Starting my New Year early

It seems more logical to start the new year today, rather than to wait until the middle of the week.  I've actually been trying to get things going again for weeks, but haven't been that successful.

The dietician I have been seeing identified my first and supposedly easiest problem to deal with as not drinking enough water.

So I just stopped for a few minutes, got some water as I realized once again I was without, extremely thirsty and doing nothing about it.   Also stopped and changed my water order -- we get Ozarka delivered -- so I wouldn't run out.

In other words, I am STILL not drinking enough water.  And I am still working on it. 

Got another Alarm

I got another alarm code when I rewound my pump last night.  Got the first on the 18th.  The customer service rep said they usually replaced when the patient got the third.  I was on hold for 2 minutes though.  That does bother me.

Shuttered bakery reopens, rehires workers -

An Ohio bakery shut down in October is bustling again, with 60 eager employees who had expected a Christmas on the unemployment rolls.

Shuttered bakery reopens, rehires workers -

Such a NICE story!  I grew up on Archway cookies and near an Archway cookie facility -- not sure if it was a bakery or not, but Archway cookies and their company was a really good thing when I was a kid.  I even remember that they were frequent sponsors of youth events.

I was sad to see them gone, and equally glad to see that they have come back in a good way.

Pump Shopping

I've talked with the Minimed Rep and the Animas Rep.

I'm more than likely to go with Animas. I would like to try out the Minimed CGMS before I make a decision, but I doubt they will go for that.  The local rep wasn't interested in having me try it, anyway.  I will say that if the Minimed CGMS worked, I would good with them.  But I'm not committing 4 years and over $6000 in insurance money to that cause without actually going through a full cycle. 

I don't like that the Ping only comes in silver.  I want a black Ping.

I love the Ping though.  It works nicely, user interface is much better than the one on the pump.

Besides I know Animas customer service and they have better infusion sets.  I don't like any of the choices that come with the Minimed and yes, I've tried them all.

I would like to try Cosmo, but haven't heard from them.  I suppose I need to call their main office, rather than leaving a message with the local reps.

Both pump reps were good.

Two Week Break - Plans

I'm off for two weeks.  I am going to try and destress and get ready for the rest of the year and my new lab install.


  • Get assignments up for my AP AB student -- he wants to work over the break.  GOOD KID!
  • Post about a month of assignments for the rest of my students.
  • See if someone will "give" me a new vehicle, truck or car.  I have a 2+ year old Ford Escape.  I will trade if I can have the same payment, no cash passes hands (or at least tags, etc), and I can put all my stuff in the new vehicle. 
  • Try all the major insulin pumps
  • Get squared away on eating/drinking water
  • Get back to walking regularly.
  • Train my dogs -- especially weaves and work on Macy's teeter.

Pump Fears

I woke up this morning and had three units in my insulin pump.  Perfect timing for a set change.

Before I got dressed, I rewound my pump. Went and got dressed, got new cartridge and infusion set.  Got back to the pump and it basically had a message that I had a catastrophic error and that the pump wanted me to phone home.  It also said to take the battery out and put it back in.

So I did the battery thing and phoned Animas.  I picked up the phone at 8:01 eastern time and got their answering service.  ARGH!  It was business hours.  That always bothers me.  I will give that tech support called back within two minutes but it is morning stress I don't need.

My pump warranty expires in February.  I'll need to get a new pump then.  I've loved my Animas pumps but since Johnson and Johnson bought them, customer service has deteriorated.

Most of the time I've had issues when I wanted the pump replaced because I couldn't hear it or feel it.  However, the last time that happened, I got no problem at all, but two days after I got the new pump, I had a recall notice so Animas had to replace the pump anyway.

I love the idea of the new Ping, but would like to touch it and feel it before I have my insurance company lay out the money.  I've sent an email to Animas stating that, but haven't heard back from them.

While I've always thought badly of Medtronics for good reason, I'm interested in looking at their CGMS.  If they could get the CGMS covered AND if it worked, I would go for.  That's the two issues I have with the Dexcom, my body throws their sensors off my skin or the sensor just stops working.  Plus Dexcom hasn't appeared to be helpful in getting CGMS covered.

I also want to look at the Cosmo pump though I think they are out of network.  The last time I talked with Cosmo, my former CDE was one of their reps, but her email is bouncing.

One of the projects I'd like to complete over the break is to pick my next pump since I have to wear it 24/7 over the next 4 years.