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November 2008

End of Thanksgiving week

It's been a good break.  Even though I had to work on Tuesday -- thus making me prep all weekend and on Monday, I've gotten a lot of good rest AND have made some progress on food.

Took a look at my logs last night after downloading my pump, and I am showing two good trends, one that the bulk of my carbs are being consumed earlier in the day, and that my TDD is going down. 

The last few days have been great, I don't think I had this long of a time frame this summer to relax.

I'm really looking forward to winter break.

And not having to update a server really helps me be able to blog.

Trying to Get Better

I've been working very hard this week at getting my calories moved earlier in the day, and it seems to be working.  Though Tuesday was frankly ridiculous as I keep telling people I needed to eat and they kept me from it.


I'm still having trouble with drinking water rather than drinking diet coke but I figure I really need to focus on changing one behavior at a time.  That's also why I am not freaking out about being too tired to exercise.

Moving Sites

First, I am seriously thinking of moving to TypePad.  It is the easiest way to migrate, and frankly I'm tired up hosting my own website.  I need to find out if I can move my email address to one place and the blogs to another, and how.  It would cut down on expenses too.

I'm also not interested in keeping up with Linux/Unix stuff, it is REALLY a pain.  And it seems once I get everything working again, Movable type does an upgrade I have to install.

The nice thing is that Adobe Contribute works REALLY well with Typepad.

Better still...

Hey, I have no imagination.

But for two days (really three), I've made an effort to increase water consumption and food intake earlier in the day, and I feel better.

I was actually about to do 9 minutes on the treadmill and hey, considering I didn't feel like any last week, it's progress.

Also, I'm not spending the entire evening eating ... so far.

Dieticians advice is working - endo visit

I have been making a real effort to move the majority of my carbs and calories to before 5:00 pm.   I did a really good job yesterday. After my endos visit I went to Denny's for breakfast, then had Diet Gourmet the rest of the day, until right before agility practice.  Did grilled chicken then, and oatmeal when I got home.  That's something I could probably take with me and eat in the car on the way home.

Speaking of endos visit, this is the second weird one in a room.  He has given me no assistance, and has been letting me struggle.  He's also given me the impression that the business side of his practice is not going well, especially this visit when I brought up the possibility of lap band surgery.  I asked for assistance, and like his emails he was reluctant.  He did say I was a good candidate, and again, the only negative to him seemed to deal with income.  He was very adament that he would have to be paid for any letters, etc.

The good news, is that I automatically get a copy of any labs, so I can forward them onto the lap band facility.  In fact, right now, I am thinking I should contact my insurance facility so we can head off any problems.  The good news, is that my primary care physician should be cooperative and it is his practice that diagnosed the diabetes.

The best news -- his scale showed that I had lost three pounds.

Calories do make a difference

I've had some good days and some bad days this week.  What was in common with the good days?  I ate more calories during the day, and bad? Slipped back into my old habits of not eating. Getting higher calorie lunches, starting with today will help too.


Hopefully tomorrow I will do better, as I almost screwed it up today.


Have a new pump, the last one isn't vibrating hard enough for me to feel and I have it in my bra, so that is weird. And I have a Dexcom sensor that is actually working.  Of course, my blood sugar has been better -- oh, and yeah, the higher calories during the day help that too.


I came out of my first appointment very depressed but I am feeling better now. 

I've decided to focus on a couple of goals this month:

1) Walk on the treadmill everyday for 3 minutes straight at least once, even dog training days.

2) Drink one bottle of water (I have only been drinking diet cokes)

3) Increase my noon time calorie intake by switching to the higher calorie diet gourmet meals

4) Eat one more snack during the day.

The best disappointment to me was realizing that this is a very long term project and I don't do well them them.

First Visit

Just got back from my first visit with TLC Edge. No wonder I feel like crap I am at my heaviest weight ever came it is bad. Thank you, Michael.


I liked the dietician, didn't care for the PA. She didn't Know who I was supped to see etc. It's a long trip, but the dietician did help me see where I was going wrong.

The port is also a bit scary but the insurance specialist helped with that.

Weight Loss Surgery

This afternoon I go to TLC Edge -- a company owned by the people who do my primary care physician office management -- and discuss weight loss surgery with them.

I just got off the chat line with my insurance company and they do say that lap band surgery is covered.  They would not give me the extra criteria but said my provider would know.