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I continue being a bad diabetic

As you can tell from my lack of posting, life is busy and diabetes keeps getting shoved to the end of the list.  I do see my endo in a few weeks.  I'm predicting an A1C over 8.0

Lots of days I'm lucky if I get around to testing my blood sugar.  Somedays I don't get around to eating breakfast.

I've also been majorly stressed out over my job and its future.  We had a RIF and they eliminated 300 positions. 

Oddly enough, my pump warranty expires in February and I occasionally think about it.  I'll probably get a Ping.  I probably will use my 3 sensors, two will expire in November, and I'm not sure when the third one does.  I probably won't get any more sensors.  Sadly, the worse your blood sugar, the worse the sensors work.

I've even tossed around the idea of seeing if I can switch to Byetta and drop insulin and Symlin entirely. 

Not doing well, am I?

The good news, is that periodically try to fix the problem.  Today I updated my spreadsheet and recalculated my bolus amounts.

The school year has been rough!

The blog at has more detail about it.  Diabetes and my personal life have gone to the back burner, but I decided last Friday I am taking control of my life.  Well, hopefully not completely taking control, that would probably mean losing my job tomorrow.

Yes, a somewhat real possibility, my school district is RIFing a large group of people.  Fortunately not as many as they originally expected, as a lot took the voluntary RIF.  Three people in my building, include the home ec teacher across the hall.  She took the RIF rather than maternity leave. (Yes, I know it isn't called home ec anymore, but I still call the custodians, janitors.

So back to the diabetes news.  I was quoted in the New York times this weekend:

I've been using that device for several weeks now, I got it the same day that the Dexcom upgrade came.  It's interesting.  Also difficult to deal with -- my limit is two medical devices at a time, I've found.

I've also quit working with the Fit4Diabetes folks -- they are great, and really worth it, but I'm ready to manage the exercise thing by myself.    That's something that has been at the forefront of the back burner stuff.