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Ike and other disasters

As always, it's an interesting school year.  My responsibilities have expanded yet again, not only do I teach a full load of students -- well, I do have one reduced sized class, but I am also the campus technologist.

That means I collect the technical assistance requests and pass them up to the district, and I have a few other tasks.  So far, this year, it has included making sure that everyone in the building gets fingerprinted.  Fun part if that the directions didn't match the actual process.

So I've got added stress AND added walking time, since I end up spending a lot of my time troublingshooting.

BUT the biggest problem this week was Hurricane Ike.  Yeah, we live in Dallas, BUT we get our food from Diet Gourmet and their kitchens are in Spring, Texas in suburb of Houston.  They didn't evacuate but didn't have power until Tuesday.  Thus we didn't have food until Friday.  I REALLY rely on Diet Gourmet which is a good thing.

I didn't even think of using a Dexcom sensor until Tuesday (dumb), which did help, but my mission to reduce insulin TDD was momentairly stalled.  The good news, is that the TDD has stabilized.

So far -- so good

So far today, I've had perfect numbers.  Woke up with blood sugar relatively low, the correction I took worked, and ate breakfast.  Even my breakfast postpranial numbers were good.

The good news, is that I've brought my insulin usage down to just below 80 units a day.  Hopefully I can keep up with that.

And the skirt I am wearing is way to big, so maybe I can start wearing the clothing I bought Iast spring.