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June 2008

Traveling - Day Trip to San Antonio

I took a day trip to San Antonio on Saturday.  Flew out on the first flight, hopped in a cab to my destination, and at the end of the day did the opposite.

Flying was much either this trip, but I didn't take a CPAP machine. In fact, I packed really light, perhaps a bit too light.  I didn't bring any contact lens supplies, and I should have, since I might have ended up staying the night. 

The best part was TSA -- I had complained about this in an email in February -- and this time it was fixed. Of course, I flew different airports, but before they started the screening, they brought the bins over to me.

The latest

First, of all I've calmed down quite a bit.

Yesterday I called the diagnostic cardiolist and left a message for the nurse.  She was shocked that a blockage wasn't found and said she'd called me later in the day -- but she didn't.  She did call today, and did answer some additional questions I had, like can I go to CSTA this weekend.

The diagnostic cardiologist needs the detailed results from the interventionist, and can't give me answer until he has everything.  So I'm just waiting now.

My primary care physician did call, and had some ideas, but again, he won't know until all the lab results are in the same place.


I'm really glad to be home.  Though I admit it was nice to pick up the phone and order phone and have it delivered. 

My groin is looking good, my IV arm is a bit sore, but other than that I'm fine.  The best news is that I have 10 pounds off of me since the seniors left -- I'm hoping the experience got a lot of the water weight off.

Right now I have calls out to the Nurse PA who sent me to the hospital, and call out to make an appointment with her.


I escaped -- not really -- was discharged.

Catherization showed no blockage, but then again, there is Tim Russart. 

Here's how I feel about the original cardiologist.

Ive gone from wanting to kill the bimbo nurse, to just wanting to throttle her, down to just wanting to see her fired ?? -- though I am going to fire her and her whole practice and find another cardiologist.  I will probably go back for my followup, but then move to the new cardiologist.

This is the second time this medical practice has scared me and my family.  I have been getting routine stress tests from this practice every two years since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Two years ago, they said there was a shadow and that I had to have a particular test, which my primary care physician said wouldn't happen due to insurance.  Sure enough, insurance denied and they said ?oh, It?s not a problem?.  

This round, I promise I got a call at 4:30 Friday, saying I had a 70% blockage in one artery, was probably going into heart failure and get to a specific emergency room immediately.  This was after I said that I would said until next week as this week was booked up.

She also said, call her anytime and she'd be happy to answer any questions.  When I tried to call back a few minutes later, got an after hours message, and she left no way to reach her.   That should have been my first clue as my Endo left me his pager in case I needed help.  And she still hasn't called. Very typical.

The other good news.  The whole experience should cost around $550.

Sleep and the Hospital

I've given up on trying to sleep for a while, I'll give it another try later.

Sleeping here really sucks.  First, it's a different bed.  Second, there are no beagles in the bed, and the place doesn't smell like beagle. Already, my CPAP smells funny.

Plus the man across the hall is moaning, the nurse keeps coming in and out, other people, like respirtory therapy ask questions, etc. 

Everything itches or aches.  I am wearing a heart monitor, my insulin pump, and a nitro patch.  Also they have me on a diuritic so I spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

I'm am really hoping that yesterday's nurse comes again today.  She "got" me.  Of course, tonight's nurse is from India and her assistant is from Nigeria, so they don't.

Better Side of Things

Tonight's nurse tell me that I'm getting the cath on Monday.  That means they might let me out of here on Tuesday.  I have sent phone numbers etc. to husband so he can cancel Wednesday's appointments.  I doubt I will want to deal with the dentist, pulmonary guy probably okay.

My biggest worry right now, is that I'm supposed to do a staff development on Thursday.  Right now, I barely feel well enough to do this.  The nurse thinks it was the nitro patch.

I was feeling good this afternoon, but feel like crap now and can't seem to get comfortable or stay that way.  Maybe it's the heart monitor?

ER Experience

I went to the ER at about 8:00 am this morning.  Wasn't feeling bad, wasn't feeling great.  While I was talking to them, did have some minor chest pain on the left side.  I've had an aspirin and a nitro patch. Also, I think some saline.  They were nice, but most of the time so far has been waiting.

Right now I'm in a room with internet access, and am waiting for the doctor.

Cardic Cath

I got a call about 4:10 this evening from the Nurse Practioner that I had seen at spring break.  She had the results of my nuclear stress test and said that I had a blockage and that I needed to go for a catherization.  She asked about shortness of breath and I told her about my coughing and my fluid retention -- the things I related to her in March as concerns.  She said that the doctor doing the procedure would call me on Monday and make arrangements.

Then she called back while I was talking to my mom, said I had a 70% blockage and that I was probably in heart failure already and needed to go tomorrow.  So right now, I'm taking a break from making arrangements to go.