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All of a sudden my TDD has dropped about 30 units.  That means I am consuming much less calories, especially the carb kind.

I'm not sure if it is the Fit4D class or the fact that the school year is finally winding down (last full day was yesterday), but it's actually a relief.

And the blood sugar has been fairly smooth.  Especially no highs which I'll take. 


I am doing the diuretic thing all weekend.  Back during spring break the cardiologist looked at me and claimed that I had at least 20 pounds of water weight.  I did a day of diuretics then but it didn't do much good.

Decided to do all three days,no matter what it does to the blood sugar, and to low carb as much as possible.

The good news is that my blood sugar doesn't seem to be very elevated -- and my TDD hasn't gone up.  I think I feel better between the Celebrix and even getting a couple of pounds off.  My activity level was higher yesterday than it was Saturday, without as much effort.

School countdown:
3 teaching days
4 exam days
1 week day

However I don't get much of a break, I've got consistent staff development between now and then.

Texas teachers health plan's reach grows


"You would think with that many people in the plan, we would get better coverage at a reasonable price, but it doesn't seem to have helped," he said, contending that coverage under DISD's old plan – discontinued in 2004 when the district jointed TRS-ActiveCare – was better.

Texas teachers health plan's reach grows | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News

I sure disagree with the above statement.  Now, I have no idea what it costs to have family members on the plan, but coverage is infinity better for the individual teacher, plus the costs have remained fairly stable.

Dexcom Update

Got a call Wednesday (as I was waiting for the Fit4D webinaire), from Matt at Dexcom.  He told me that they couldn't send out a replacement label for my receiver, but would send me a new reciever.  It arrived yesterday -- and here's weirdness, they sent everything I need to return the old receiver BUT the FedEx envelope.  I need to email them and ask them for one.

I was hoping that it would have the new software on it, but no dice.  I did enter another box of sensors -- but I don't plan to use them until the new software is available (but I do need to watch the expiration date).

Med Student with Diabetes Cautions Against Unrealistic Expectations for Continuous Glucose Systems - Diabetes Health

I tend to agree with his assessment.  Especially when it comes to the expense.

I am writing to caution readers against developing unrealistic expectations for the current generation of continuous glucose systems (Dexcom and Paradigm Real-Time).

Med Student with Diabetes Cautions Against Unrealistic Expectations for Continuous Glucose Systems - Diabetes Health

Interesting new class -- online group weight management class

Fit4D (I still like the old name, Fitness for Diabetics), has come up with a Group Weightloss class -- online.  I've been invited to join so I'll review it here on the blog as it goes.  It comes at a good time, as the school year is winding down. I think this link will get you there:


Type 1 and Type 2 Classes, blood sugar control, blood sugar


Look for:  May 21 - July 2: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & DIABETES

Dexcom System

 I might actually break down and buy a new box of sensors.  I misread this paragraph:

The Dexcom Open Choice is being shipped to all new customers. Existing customers can pay an upgrade (about $200 currently). Dexcom is waiting for FDA approval to provide a download capability for software upgrades. The hope to get this approval by July and will then provide the upgrade for free to existing customers.

Source: Bernard's Diabetes Blog

I thought I was going to have to pay an extra $200 to get the new capabilities, but I just called Dexcom to tell them why I wasn't going to buy new sensors -- basically the cost.

I probably won't wear the system all the time, but just in weird situations.

I also complained about losing the label on the back on the receiver.  I still can't understand why they can't just ship out a new label and let me put it on the back.  Doesn't even have to have the S/N on it, but it would be nice.

The sensors are STILL too expensive.  Sure wish insurance would cover it.

Need another new pump

Will have to call Animas first thing tomorrow and get a replacement pump.  The vibrator stopped working. I think the third one in a row.  I used to be really attached to my pumps, but now i realize that they rotate out every few months.


No more CGMS

I don't have any more Dexcom sensors, and I'm not in a hurry to order any more.

They are very expensive -- basically $240 a month and are a pain to keep going, even as long as 7 days. 

I might get another receiver and another set of sensors and try out the system with my own meter, but not even sure I'll do that.  Having to keep up with an insulin pump, the receiver, and my phone has proved to be too much several different days.  So far, the insulin pump hasn't gotten left behind but everything else has.

I don't like the insertation pain. Yeah it's not a big deal but worse than putting in a set.

But the biggest issue IS the cost.  And even if insurance would pick it up, they are currently out of network so it would still be $120.00 a month.