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Life is very stressful
Where Have I been?

Life Still Weird

The announcement I was worried about was good -- we finally have a Dean (well, the official title is Associate Principal of Instruction.


It also looks like my evaluator may be forgetting me again this year -- different evaluator, still forgetting about me though . This time I didn't get a form in my box.  Last year, I didn't get my evaluation until after finals.  They are always good, but still it is worrisome.


So now the biggest stress -- we had a storm Wednesday night.  Power went out, then we heard the tornado sirens.  Both husband and I hit the first floor as quick as possible.  I went back to bed for a few hours, on the emergency battery, but my first mistake was not taking the backup battery to school and recharging it. Power did not come back on until Friday morning, so I ended up staying at a hotel Thursday night.


The good news, I've been able to get a lot of good sleep on Saturday and Friday night.  Especially Saturday when I got a new mask from the DME.   My old one just wasn't sealing good. This one fits well and gives a good seal.


I've accomplished a huge major goal though this year, and maybe things can start settling down.