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Life Still Weird

Life is very stressful

It's weird, but life keeps getting more and more stressful.


We'd gotten a note in our boxes last week telling us about a Faculty get together, can't remember the exact wording, but these are never good.  They are not a meeting, but are usually an announcement. The last one, we lost our dean.  This one, we got a new one.


She seems good.  Still stressful though.  I'm not good at any change.


Also had an AP meeting last week, and we had an classroom management issue at our last tutorial, and I took the whole situation way too personally.  I tried to deal with the situation and was unsuccessful, so was the presenter AND apparently the kids teacher.  I don't know why I put it on me.


The worst was Wednesday. I have been working on a curriculum project and I got a bunch of new equipment.  The bad part of it was that I was given the computer I'm posting on.  A $1995 tablet computer.  I am not sure I like it, and I not sure it is worth the $1995 price tag.  It did not come with a CD/Rom for example.  And the keyboard sucks.  I already have a tablet computer I like and like the way it is set up most of the time.


I am not prepared to replace it if something happens to it, so I needed to get it insured.  However, I couldn't reach the insurance company that the district recommended until Friday evening as they are in the middle of a redesign.


It is now insured so that helps.


There were some weird changes in procedure with the other equipment, that also stressed me out.  In fact, all of the pieces of equipment I've gotten have either stressed me out because I am either not sure I want it and not sure what to do with it.

Plus one of the items -- the external CD/DVD reader is damaged slightly.   They did offer to exchange it, but that will be a bit of a pain too.


All fun.