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5 years

I have been blogging now for 5 years. Not every day but I have. I have learned a lot and not just about diabetes. I am slowly coming to the realization that I am a good technical and educational writer. I am really good at writing grants and filling out state forms. I have learned I am a good teacher. The kids I teach do not always learn what I think they should but they do usually get what they want out of my class. I wish I could fix that more. it is a tough balance to teach an elective - you have to do it in such a way to attract the masses so that the few who really want what I teach can even have me. I have also learned that diabetes is a small female beage who won't grow up to be a good dog - in other words a real bitch.... You can not let you guard for a moment as when you do it all goes to hell.

Man i can be dumb

We got to 365 and 121 - almost to the airport when I remembered I had not taken the bag of injectables out of the refrigator. It was 4:20 and the flight boarded at 5:30. We had to go back. Took 45 minutes total. Thank got for outside baggage check in. that helped mt get my bearings. TSA took forever, they had to see my sensor and at each step of the way, the next person was not available. However I am currently on the plane and about 2 hours from Miami. Oh and I was disconnected for at least an hour maybe two because my tubing wasn't connected. But maybe I should start at the beginning. At about 1:30 Macy was barking because Marcie would not let her in the room. I was to tired to think beyound that. I got up at 3:00 and found my good leather Ameribag chewed up. Okay just one pocket. I am wondering if they can fix it but probably not. Maggie was laying next to my thankfully unchewed passport and everything I carefully packed was scattered around the room. I still do not know if I have everything but at least I found the contacts intact. Whoever chewed up the pocket destroyed my lancing device. Thankfully I stocked up on them when they were cheap as they are 25 dollars. yes I know I ahould have put the bag up. I also know that it was probably not Maggie but Macy but there you go. I am not rational at that time of day. Of course there are doubts about the rest of the day too. I really hate that the bag is chewed up though. I really liked it. The good news is that I have 20 off fromebags so I might order a new one before I get on the boat. unfortunately I am not wild about the colors available.

I am tired!

I am here, listening to one of the keynotes and interesting but preaching to the choir. I already know games make the most money in computer science. Anyway, my plane got in early. I waited patiently and was last off and the IDIOT who was supposed to help me wanted push the wheelchair on the ramp. it wasn't a steep ramp but it causes problems. sShe was ready to help when we were on the level but I told her don't bother. I even waited a few extra minutes. Oh have I mentioned I had not eaten? I got to baggage claim and no luggage. Finally a lady came to us and said the equipment to bring the luggage was not available and so I asked about food. I went upstairs and grabbed a Burger King breakfast sandwich. Didn't have a hand free to mess with a drink but had passed a soda machine with bottles. unforunately it did not work. The best news is that my bag was there so I grabbed it. I walked a ways hoping to find a diet coke in bottles but nope couldn't find them. however I was able to grab a taxi and get to the port. Probably the worst part of the day was waiting in line to get on the ship. They had some sort of machine that took pictures for our ship passes and they were not working.

Finally better

My blood sugar has been normal for the last day and a half. Blood sugar was actually at 126 in the morning, only exciting if you realize that my fasting blood sugar has been around 170 if not higher.

I actually got to get on the treadmill and walk tonight and able to skip my dinner bolus.  Something I haven't been able to do in months.

Starting to wonder if I have been sick for months, not just days or weeks.  Of course, there is the chicken and the egg thing, which came first, the illness or the high blood sugar. 

Health blogs provide a port in life's storms | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Life/Travel

Here's real article -- I was interviewed for this back before World Diabetes day but they decided to save it for a later time, since they were focusing on children and mostly Type 1 at the time.

When Kathleen Weaver got her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis five years ago, she started the fight of her life. The disease that took her father wasn't about to get the best of her.

Source: Health blogs provide a port in life's storms | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Life/Travel

Don't look for a diagnosis online | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Health | Dallas Morning News

I'm in the Dallas Morning News, not a great thing when you work for Dallas ISD, but at least it's about blogging and not school ... 

But even blogger Kathleen Weaver, a diabetes patient, admits that the Internet can take her only so far.

"If it's a real question and I'm really worried about it, I e-mail my doctor first," she says. "I have a really good endocrinologist who e-mails back."

Source: Don't look for a diagnosis online | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Health | Dallas Morning News

Chumby's are for sale!

What's a Chumy?  See -- or better yet, see my Chumby here:

It's an internet appliance that can replace your clock rado/ alarm clock, and is a whole lot easier to set than a real one.  It could be easier yet, and probably will be some day -- I still want to be able to program the alarms on the internet and lots of people want to program them using something like Google Calendar.


I love mine, but husband thinks I'm nuts.


The second time, I think in about 4 months that I had decent blood sugar readings.  It's been driving me nuts, screwing up my vision, and probably caused the bronchitis.  I finally just bit the buillet and upped the afternoon boluses to match the morning, since I haven't been able to work out in the evenings....


I am definately still feeling the bronchitics.  It takes forever for the lungs to heal.

Dexcom Sensor came off today

One of the keys to having a sensor last a long time, or the adhesive.  This one lasted 6 days and just came off.  I thought I had problem from the beginning because there was a crease in the white bandage.  I shold have fastened it down with adhesive, but I had a lot of other things on my mind and hndsight is 20/20.  I'm planning on putting the next sensor on Wedneday so I'll been through with the calibration before I take off on Thursday. 


Tihs blog has existed for 5 years as of this week. My first entry was on February 28th, 2003.  Oddly enough, I will be traveling on that date.  I'm hoping to have time to write a good blog entry on the plane, and post it before I get on the ship.


I started this blog a few months after being diagnosed with diabetes, and the primary reason I started the blog was because I wanted to get better at writing and I needed a topic to write about.  Also, I teach computer science and I find myself on many different computers during the day, and having information about my diabtes on the internet was helpful.  WhenI need some information, i can just do a search on the website, and don't have to keep track of the data.


I've never really meant it for others -- though i have been considering opening up a bit.  I rarely participate in activities designed to build links -- basically I've believed that if you need something here, you'll find it.


Lately though, I've been wondering if I should reach out more in my life.... There are lots of reasons for me to feel that way.


By the way, you can track my diabetes control on how active I am here -- when it is not good and I can't get it together, I don't post much. 


Lately part of the problem is that I try not to blog at school -- even though I do have some time periods when my students are working on projects, and I'm basically staying out of their way so they can get something done.  If I talk to much, I take up their time, plus they don't listen to me.  Usually on the first few days of a project, they don't need me.  In fact, if I do a good teaching job, they shouldn't need me at all through the project, but that never happens. 


I'm also working on a website for the district so that does take up a lot of my time, both during school AND after school. 


This lately blogging has been very sporatic, but I'm hoping it will get better soon.