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Finally better
I am home

5 years

I have been blogging now for 5 years. Not every day but I have. I have learned a lot and not just about diabetes. I am slowly coming to the realization that I am a good technical and educational writer. I am really good at writing grants and filling out state forms. I have learned I am a good teacher. The kids I teach do not always learn what I think they should but they do usually get what they want out of my class. I wish I could fix that more. it is a tough balance to teach an elective - you have to do it in such a way to attract the masses so that the few who really want what I teach can even have me. I have also learned that diabetes is a small female beage who won't grow up to be a good dog - in other words a real bitch.... You can not let you guard for a moment as when you do it all goes to hell.