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New One Touch Ultra and The Maids

Came home to two good things -- an new One Touch Ultra -- just went the old one started working again, and a clean house.  It really does relieve a lot of stress and does free me up to do other things.  I cam in this afternoon to find a clean house.  All the trash collected and in the garage, beds made, bathrooms and kitchen clean.  Now instead of looking at dirty floors and thinking I should do something about it, I can focus on bigger projects.  Each time they come, the house is more efficient, and I'm happier.


Even the husband seems to like it.  Hopefully we can continue it -- if nothing else, we might go to once a month, but right now, every other week is often enough the house stays good, and in the right price range.

Didn't go to agility

I hate cold, and I am really glad I didn't go.  It's still under 40 degrees and almost 10:00.  While I've got good clothing for cold conditions, neither the dogs and I are happy with the temperature -- okay, Marcie probably is, but Maggie isn't.


This will give me a day to relax and get some stuff done.  Like the taxes, I have to deal with the STEM money.  They told us it would be tax free when I won it, but then found out this week that it is taxable.

One Touch Ultra went bad

The screen for my One Touch Ultra failed -- I can't read the numbers.  Called the Lifescan toll free number and they said they would send a replacement on Monday.  I'm sure that the Dexcom will still work with it, but I think I'm going to hold off on using my next sensor until it comes.  It's too late to deal with it now, and I really don't want to deal with it in the morning -- my day was a little full today.

Dog agility day

First dog agility day in about two months.  Blood sugar was the best it's been in a while once i remembered to set my basal to agilty.


However, it was cold and dear Maggie didn't feel like doing agility.  She actually felt like looking for food, I think.


I lost Marice in the tunnel in Jumers, and then she fell out of the tunnel in Standard (went in, couldn't figure out what she was supposed to do, and then came back out.


Got Macy her first measurement, she'll be jumping 12" and 8" and we just started training at 12" this month.  Doesn't seem to faze her at all though.  I like to get that done well in advance to entering my dog, then I know what height they jump, don't have to stand in line to get measured before our class and stress out over that.

Control, Or Lack there Of

One of my many directions at getting my life and my blood sugar back under control is to post to the blog more.  I'm still having lots of problems with control.  I know that I am not exercising as much as I was before Thanksgiving, though this week has been better.  However, I'm not seeing any changes in my overall blood sugar as a result.

I also know one of my problems is food intake.  I start eating in the late afternoon and can't seem to stop until I get to bed.  That makes the GERD worse and shoots up the blood sugar, especially when I eat carbs.  I've been trying to shift from carb to protein but then that makes the GERD worse.  Makes the sleep worse, makes the wanting to eat worse, vicious cycle.

I've been working "Shrink Yourself" but haven't been able to get past about week 6.  I'm not sure why, but I keep working on it.

The Fit4D people and program has been good -- which is one reason the exericse is getting better. 

If anyone has any good ideas, let me know.

More on Bad Sensor

Well, I checked with Dexcom and I did put the sensor in on Saturday morning, so they do feel I got good life out of it.  I am, however, glad to be rid of that box.  I am not sure, but I think every one but that one ended early. 


I am definately going to wait until the morning to insert, but might put it off a few days, just because I'm doing an agility trial and I'm not sure I need the extra hassle.  I also think my skin needs a break.  I'm still convinced it is a bit of a skin issue.

Zyrtec goes OTC

In a way, I 'm glad I just got a bottle, because I don't have to make a decision yet.  However, I did get charged $62.50. My problem with the previous OTC allergy medications, is that you either could't get it without the "D", which messes with my blood pressure, OR you couldn't get the strength you could prescription wise.


Looks like if I buy from Drugstore.doc it will be 56.97, and if I go with Medco, it's either 25.99 for 100 tables of the generic or 90 tables for 38.99, but that is with a $15 coupon.  So it's 52.99 regular press.  The good news, is that medco's shipping is free, so I'll probably go that route, but now I have to remember to order it.


However, I did add it as a task in outlook so hopefully I'll see it and remember.

Blogging while being photographed

First if you are seeing not seeing this at -- someone is STILL ripping me off. 

Tonight is interesting, I've got a photographer from the Dallas Morning News taking pictures while I'm blogging.  I figured the best way to keep him from completely freaking me out, was to just sit down and write a blog entry.

It's all Amy's fault you know (Diabetes Mine).  She sicced a reporter on me back before World Diabetes day.  However, they decided to focus on children and didn't use the interview.  The bad news, is that this isn't the first time I've been in the paper in the past 12 months. 

The next major milestone in my blogging life is coming up soon -- I will be on my way out of the country, I think I mentioned before in the blog that I'm going on a cruise, teacher workshop, and the day of my blog anniversary is the day I fly out.  I'll try to blog on the phone on the way, and publish when I land in Miami.