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Protonix on Hold

Argh!  I just checked -- and the Protonix order is on hold -- they need to hear from the doctor. Of course, it was too late to deal with it today -- doctor's office was already closed, so I'll check on it on Wednesday and I am definately going to have to get a short term supply, hopefully via samples.

One Christmas Present to Myself

I got myself a Christmas present, but it's been a lot of work even getting ready. On the heavy urging of one of my co-workers, I've hired "The Maids" to come in and clean house.  I've been spending the week decluttering ever since.  8 trash bags later...

They arrived at 9:10, and they came with a crew of 4 (as advertised).  They have a crew chief, who wears a white shirt, and the rest are in yellow, and they arrived in a yellow PT Cruiser.  Cute car, but not a lot of room in them -- okay, I couldn't fit my three dogs in cages in one.

Dogs of course are upset because they are caged, but much easier than trying to keep track of them.  Seems everytime someone comes and works, one escapes.

Their manager showed up about 9:30.  She seems very good too.

When I worked a "real" job, with a "real" salary, I did have a maid come in every week.  It was very nice.  What I would really like right now, would be to find someone local, who would come in work for an hour in the middle of the day and let the dogs out.  I doubt with gas prices the way they are, I could find anyone willing to do that.  And sorry, other teachers who might be offended, but 16 years ago, I left a $45,000 a year job, to teach at $22,000. 

I am going to see about having them come back next Friday and then make a decision on that point as to whether I want to continue.

Right now, we're over an hour into cleaning, and the kitchen is looking good, and so is the master suite.  However, not much else is done.


The Protonix is still scheduled for shipping on January 3 -- the best news is that it is listed as 180 tablets at 40 mg.  So now I just watch and wait.

The endo's office is closed and doctor is out until the 8th.  I've been told to call next week and see if they have samples.  I'll do the same with the gastro's office next week too.  The good news is that I'm off next week so I can run errands like that.

Protonix Update

There is a script in the Medco system, dated today, listed by my doctor, and says will ship on January 3.  I should be fine if the date is correct.   I have 1 1/2 weeks of medication.  The good news, is that the doctor is very good at the Medco jumping through hoop progress. 


I've got an email out to the endo about samples, my primary care physician's office said they didn't have any and I'll try Bellachandra's office tomorrow.


Odd to have to be on pins and needles over reflux medication -- but Medco puts me through this periodically.

Merry Day After Christmas

I think they call today Boxing Day.


Several times I thought about posting -- but I'll be honest, I was pretending not to be a diabetic yesterday.  Not real hard -- but skipped some boluses and ate some things without counting calories.


Blood sugar was 130 this morning, and I went no carb for breakfast, so I'm doing good by now.


Usually on holidays, I pretend the holiday doesn't exist so this was a refreshing change of pace.


Hope everyone else had a quiet, enjoyable day yesterday too.


I've been going along for months, using Medco for all of my scripts when they go and throw a wrench in the works.  The second most important drug for me, is Protonix and I noticed that I was almost out of Protonix.  No renewal notices have shown up though. 


So I took a look at the Medco site, and it was filled on September 22, and the system says it's eligible for refill on February 08.  Okay, so I did the math and it's supposed to be refilled on December 22, not February 8!  Not only that, but this week is Christmas week and next week is New Year's so that the chances that it will be refilled in the next two weeks is slim to none. 


So I email Medco and tell them the problem with the dates.  I get an email back telling me that it is eligible (I knew that) and how to get a script (I knew that too).  Nothing about the problem on the dates.


So I email them back and tell them about the date thing again.  This time they tell me that the doctor hadn't called in the refill and here's one to refill it (yeah, I knew both of that too).  Again nothing on the dates.


So on the third email I wrote in all caps do you even bother to read these, and wow, they did.  Probably won't fix their software but I've already seen some indicators that they don't hire the sharpest programming crayons in the box.


I also think I know why they are notifying me that the script is changed -- a generic is coming out -- post coming.

Man called 911 for seizure, was hit by stun gun, files suit | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News

If it truly happened that way, hope the man wins.



Quoted from


Man called 911 for seizure, was hit by stun gun, files suit | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News

But the response the 52-year-old diabetic from Waxahachie received one morning this April was humiliating, discriminatory because of his race and excessive, the man's attorney said.