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Invisapump the Invisible Insulin Pump Case

I found one of these on Ebay and ordered one.  Not for my Animas pump -- if you go back through the archives, you'll know I have a pocket in my bra for that for the Dexcom. 

One big problem being female is finding skirts with pockets.  Few have them.  The Invisapump is nice because it slips down inside your skirt or pants. 

The Dexcom works, but it is a little too long for it.  It does kind of stick in the pouch so it doesn't slip in and out easily.  It would be nice to have something like this make for the Dexcom as most Dexcom users will tell you that the Dexcom case sucks.  I also start looking a bit silly with both the phone AND the Dexcom hanging out.

In fact, I'd love to see a similar arrangement for my phone!

From their web site:

The INVISAPUMP is made of full grain, soft leather, with a scratch resistant window that enables you to see your pump buttons clearly, an unbreakable belt clip, and durable nylon webbing. A simple idea maybe, but the best things in life are simple.

Invisapump the Invisible Insulin Pump Case