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Looks like Symlin pen is definitely January

 I should have enough to last. 

SYMLIN, the company's diabetes drug that is used in combination with insulin, is in a fairly small market -- last quarter, it racked up just a tenth of the sales that big brother Byetta made. In order to increase sales of SYMLIN, Amylin got a pen formulation approved by the FDA, which it plans to launch in January. The pens make it easier for the patients to inject themselves and have been used as a way to increase sales in other products, such as Sanofi-Aventis' (NYSE: SNY) SoloSTAR Pen for injecting its insulin product.

Analyzing Amylin

Another solution -- nightgown

I don't know why I didn't ask them before -- I love their T-shirts, but I really have been wanting a night gown ....

Unique Accessories

Anyway, I finally emailed them and asked about an extra large size cotton nightie.  Got it in the mail today and it's great.  Both the pump and the Dexcom meter fit in the pocket and didn't fall out when I fed the dogs (one of my big tests).

I'll probably let them continue to run lose when I'm sleeping but it's nice to have a night gown that works.

I think I'm going to order some more stuff from them this evening.

Symlin Support Line

Wish they had this when I started Symlin and if you are the least bit interested in giving it a try -- go to the Symlin web site and sign up.

They called yesterday when I was out, and I returned their call today.  Very knowledgeable and personable nurse on the line.

Also, she said that they were starting the pens in January :-( I think I can last that long and she said, definitely see about getting samples from the local rep through my endo if I run out.

She also said, since I had joined the support group, they would email me and let me know when the pens were starting to ship.

Very good resource!

The Symlin web site is at

A brief dog break

 Interesting article today in the Dallas morning news.  My Aysha, and most of the dogs that I helped trained back in the day, were bark and hold dogs.  They were taught to fight only on command OR if their handler was physically attacked.  She was also taught to let go on command.  And that is a lot safer legally than the other way (which is talked about in the article if you care.

While it seems like the no-bite training would remove a police dog's real power and effectiveness, the "bark and hold" method is being used by a few police departments throughout the country, including Allen.

Police taking bite out of unit | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | News: Local News

Symlin pens

I'm anxious.  I called the 1-800 number and asked about the pens, telling the phone answers that I was trying to see if I had enough vials to last (I think I do, and if I don't, I'll beg for samples).

The official word is that the pens will be available in January 2008, but check with both my pharmacy or them if I need to order more before then.

Made my goal!

It wasn't easy but I managed to meet my goal of walking for 2 hours every day of my Thanksgiving break.  Some days were harder than others.  I managed it even though my knee has really been bugging me, we have wet, cold, miserable weather.

My Thanksgiving goal is hard!

I have 2 days to go and have managed it so far. What? yeah, I haven't shared with anyone. Not husband or trainer.

I have been trying to walk an hour everyday I've been off. I do that a lot weekends and I didn't realize non haul it is.

Ihave never counted shopping trips as part of the time and I have done some of that almost every day.

Right now I am having trouble doing the last six minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone who reads this blog a Happy Thanksgiving.

I have lots to be thankful for. 

First, my students.  I really enjoy the kiddos I have this year.  Of course, I always do, that's the fun part of teaching.

Next I am thankful for my husband and my beagles.  Both keep me sane.

The next thing I am thankful for is my medical team.  That includes my primary care, my endo, my sleep doctor, the DME, the Fitness Diabetes team and even the Shrink Yourself team.

Finally, I am thankful for diabetes technology that helps me to get through the day.

Another good customer service event

And this happened earlier in the day.

About 12 weeks ago, I signed up for Shrink Yourself.  It's at, and it's about emotional eating.

I was really afraid of it, and got worse and worse about participating in it.  To the point, I really wasn't.

So this morning, during the 11th week of membership, I emailed them and asked if I could start over. I was even prepared to fork over another membership fee, and I guess what.

THEY DID IT!  They completely reset my program and I'm starting from scratch.

Definitely worth the bucks, and I am really planning on working to the full this time.