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Flying without a Net

:-( D-Blog Day

I actually THOUGHT that yesterday was the 9th.  But just in the evening.  Think I was wishing for Friday.  But then, since I was probably the first diabetes blog and certainly the oldest dblog maybe posting early was a good idea.  Besides, the way that life is lately, I might not have gotten to it today.

FYI, my first post was in February 2003!  That's OLD in blog years.

I got into blogging because one of my dreams is to write a textbook for my students.  I haven't decided which group of students, but that's okay, it will come some day.  Teachers write textbooks when they are frustrated with the ones in existence.  And I have written much of the curriculum for my kiddos.

Everything I've read about writing, is that you have to practice the skill, just like any other skill.  I know I'm not a story telling.  That's okay, because the writing I've done all my career has been technical writing, and textbook writing AND this blog is just an extension.

Career -- technical writing -- yeah, I identify myself, first and foremost as a programmer.  As I tell my students, if you can't document what you do as a programmer, you might as well not.  I am quite sure that over 60% of what I did professionally involved writing documentation, not code.

Picking diabetes  and my overall health secondary was a good choice.   It allows me to vent when I get frustrated and allows me to collect information and share it.  Lots of times I've been a pioneer in using something.  Both Symlin and Dexcom come to mind.  Especially since I'm often one of the first Type 2's to try new technology.

Anyway, blogging has been good.  I've tried and do have blog about teaching, but there are a lot of things I just can't blog about when it comes to my teaching life. 

I can't say Happy when it comes to diabetes, especially since for me, it's a dark shadow that follows me always.  Watching someone die of diabetes was NOT fun.