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I need to learn to trust the technology!
Scott's Web Log: Flexing Our Collective Muscle

Teaching Moments

My afternoon CS class got me off topic.  I'm starting to teach the kiddos about buying computers.  I like to do it in little chunks, and today I was showing off my convertible notebook.  Later in the week I'll show off the MacMini.

Anyway, I ended up showing them my continuous glucose monitor.  One of my students asked "is your diabetes so bad that you need that?". 

My answer:  "I'm so much into data that having it makes it easier for me to keep my blood sugar where I want it and not only do I feel better, but I'm a better teacher".

Guess what?  She's hispanic, overweight and diabetic.  Doesn't take insulin.  Betting you that she's a Type 2.

Maybe she'll learn something.