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Scott's Web Log: Flexing Our Collective Muscle

Scott's Web Log: Flexing Our Collective Muscle

Scott's posted an interested article again big pharm and their ads and credits me for dooming Exubera.  BUT wait a minute....! 

Collectively, patient groups can flex our collective muscle on many of these issues (such the role as Allie Beatty, Amy Tenderich, Kathleen Weaver and my reporting played in dooming Exubera).

Scott's Web Log: Flexing Our Collective Muscle

In my own blog posts, I actually praise Exubra.  I can't imagine using it myself, but I have a coworker -- teaches the same subject at another school -- who loves it last time I talked to her.  If a drug (or in this case a different formulation), helps people get healthier, I'm all for it.

I'm middle of the road on the drug ads myself.  I honestly feel like a drug ad sometimes, as I am taking many of the medications advertised on a regular basis.  I usually take the drug first and then see the commercial, but there are major benefits to drug ads.

For one, they are a major source of revenue for television, magazines and for even the internet.  I wish some of the ads weren't as pervasive and intrusive -- the E.D. drugs, but at the same time, I do think that they can be beneficial.

I certainly don't believe that the big pharmacy companies are delaying a cure.  Frankly, I don't think the medical community understands enough about diabetes to even have a cure -- contrary to the information I receive one of my science teacher coworkers who works at Southwest Medical in his spare time.

So don't count me against Exubra OR against pharmacy ads, or even against pharmacies.