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Well, she meant well

I've been a good patient and have been getting my mammograms at the same place for years -- local hospital radiology department.

On the way out, the xray tech tells me (after seeing my insulin pump), that one of her other patients has lost a ton a weight and gone on oral meds after having lap band surgery.


I'm just not in the mood to go into the ways this is so wrong.

EzManager for the IR2020

Whew! It was finally delivered last Wednesday.  Hmmm, I've had the pump since May and couldn't use the software until last week.

First, the carb counting and the blood sugar is recorded by the pump now and shows up on the reports.  That is what I've waited two pump releases for -- I certainly would have implemented that in the IR1250 if I had been then.  In fact, I was shocked to see that didn't occur when I received and downloaded the IR1250.

The problems....

All of the existing bugs I could test for are still there. 

You cannot edit or delete items from the food database using the EzManager PC Software.  All you can do is delete all the favorites.

You can delete individual items from the food database, but you can not edit them, even though there is a item for edit in the menu.

One new thing that bothers me, you cannot add injections to the log from the PC version of the program.  However, you can add them via both the Palm version and through the Ultra Smart meter.  In fact, the Ultra Smart is a good way to enter in exercise data too.

I do wish Animas would clean up and fix EzManager.  It's a good program but a few small failings hurt it.

Oh, and I can't test this one -- did they ever fix the Freestyle upload?  It doesn't handle Freestyle data correctly from October through December if I remember the bug correctly.

Dexcom Thoughts

Not only is the Dexcom doing a great time most of the time (right now I'm wearing an wonky sensor), but it is also does a lot of other good things.

First, it is an interesting feed back loop.  One thing I've noticed, and I'm not the only one, is that the better you manage your diabetes, the better the Dexcom works.  Thus, just by using the Dexcom alone, you tend to manage your blood sugar better.  Someone needs to do a clinical trial and see if we're right.

Second, it opens up some interesting conversations.  Mostly on the line of, is your diabetes THAT bad.  No, it isn't.  I just like to see the data and manage it better.

Remember, it opened up a conversation between my self and my student I've posted about.

Update -- my student

I wrote about a little gal in my class I was worried about and I have some good news.

During "Meet the Teacher" I had a few minutes with momma and I told her that I was worried since her daughter had shared her blood sugar with me.  I told her when I was diagnosed, I felt very ill, was very hard to get along with and was fairly certain that the daughter felt the same way. 

Well that Friday and the next Monday, my student was absent.  When she came back on Tuesday she let the whole class know she had been in the hospital and knew all about diabetes now and was on insulin.

Apparently if you are diagnosed Type 2, they put you on insulin probably because they are not real sure what the oral medications will due to teenagers.  She's the second kid I've had from the Parkland Diabetes clinic who was a Type 2 and both were put on insulin.

I really do think she feels better already.

Blog has been broke

I think it is finally fixed, though I need to upgrade it one more time as it takes forever to rebuild.

Because school had gotten started and I have much more students than I am used to, it took a while for me to get it fixed.  I just haven't felt like doing constructive computer stuff since I spend so many more hours on the computer grading.

Last year, my largest class was 20.  This year, I'm right at 26 in four classes and around 20 in the other two.  As I usually say, my seating charts are full.

Hopefully I can get back in the blogging mode.

Using Sensors instead of Finger Sticks

Except for today and this sensor, I've only been finger sticking with the Dexcom wants a calibration -- well, I take that back, the two finger sticks I've done today was because Dexcom said he wanted them.

It will be interesting to see an A1C.  In fact, I am thinking about seeing if I can get an extra A1C before my doctor's visit. 

Since before school started I've been relying 100% on the Dexcom sensors. 

And it's been working well.  It's caught a few unexpected highs, and a few unexpected lows, but for the most part, I've been having very stable blood sugars.

Diabetics swap finger pricks for sensors - Diabetes -

Diabetes care is undergoing a transformation: Thousands of patients are switching from a few finger-pricks a day to track their disease to new sensors that keep guard around the clock.

Diabetics swap finger pricks for sensors - Diabetes -

This would be me.

However, we've got a LONG, LONG way to go before I'd ever go with a closed loop system.

Guess I've seen too many problems with all ends of the system.


First, I undestand people are getting a CGI error when they post comments.  Would someone please email me at kathleen at gmail and let me know what it is.  A screen shot would be terrific.

The good news, is that the comment gets posted, but delayed because I have to approve it.

Next, life has been very full since school started.  I have about twice the number of students as last year which doesn't affect set up time, but does mean that grading takes up lots more time. 

I really haven't had time or energy to do anything in front of a computer but school stuff.  Hopefully that will change soon.