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Sensor 2 - Day 3

So I put this sensor in on 8/10.  I was a bit disconcerted to see that it was running a tad off of the One Touch but put it out of my head.  Had a lot of other stuff going on.

So tonight, I did dog agility (yeah in this heat), and our instructor brought us Italian chocolate (well, chocolate purchased in Italy).  I are one piece during Maggie's class and one during Marcie's -- a bit after, Dexcom goes off.  Which freaked my instructor out, and sure enough I'm running high.

I go ahead and keep going without a correction, because I'm doing a fair amount of running.  Check afterwards, and Dexcom said I was at 258.  One Touch said I was at 253.  Can't get much better than that.

And yes, I've been dosing off of Dexcom most of the time, have cut down my finger sticks drastically, but do check if Dexcom doesn't feel right.  I've also been extremely aggressive on my control, I've set my pump to alarm at 1 hour.  I eat, reset my pump with a 0 bolus at 1 hour, then check every hour and correct off of Dexcom.  That has been helping to solve the problem where I've been going off on high excursions -- causing the high A1C.

I've also made another change.  I was not bolusing for meals and then walking on the treadmill.  It did prevent lows but was causing the escalating highs.  Now, I bolus for half the carbs, and then correct.  I'm not having to correct as much (often not at all), and no more of the excursions.

Of course, I'll have to find another plan in a few months.