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August 2007

I need to learn to trust the technology!

My pump just went off -- post breakfast.  Checked Dexcom -- 104 with a nice steady downward trend.  Three hours after breakfast.  I probably will make it until lunch, but I will probably eat something to be safe.

At the same time, I did an increase on my bolus rate.  Was using a 1:4 ratio and went to a 1:6 ratio since my pre 8:00 am was slow, and my after 8:00 was at 1:6.  Plus I've gone low a bunch in the mornings lately.

First Week of School

Yes, it's the first week of school.  The kiddos reported on Monday.

I am sure I would have survived without Dexcom but it's sure made a huge difference.  I don't have to stop and finger stick during class.  Just pull out Dexcom and dose.  Yes, I'm dosing completely off of Dexcom now and only finger sticking when it tells me to.

I just did a reset after 7 days.  I've got an extra sensor in my emergency pack just in case.

I also have plenty of test strips and my meter, again, just in case.

My class size is much larger this year.  It's a good and a bad thing.  So far, my 5th and 6th classes are the fullest. 

Also my AP program is really different.  I told the Dean that she could combine my PreAP and AP classes.  Well, she also combined a few students into my CS.  I'm definitely going to take a look at 6th period since the room is full of regular students and it looks like I have only one AP student and he didn't take PreAP.  I'd like to move him into 2nd or 3rd period.

I'm also working hard to get rid of all the 9th graders from Web Mastering.  We cover way too much material for 9th graders.  And this year, I'm going to be evil and push very hard to get everything done.

All in all a very busy week so far, but thank goodness for Dexcom.

Ft Worth - Saturday

Things continued going well.  Marcie was very fast --- even weaving in rhythm however, she's not the confident, do what mom says dog that she was in our earlier days.

She made mistakes because I trusted in her, and didn't handle as hard as I should have. 

Maggie finally finished Novice, so that made up for the rest of the day.  I have vidoes and I'm going to try to post them.

Ft Worth Agility trial - Friday

We are doing our first dog agility trial since the end of June.

Quoting my agility instructor: "Marcie was flying!"

She missed the table and the weavepole entry she was going so fast but Qed in JWW.

She took a fourth place in Jumpers, first in about a year.

Then I got real lucky with Maggie in Open Jumpers. She started off without listening to me and took a wrong course. However the judged blew her whistle and stopped us which Maggie took as a correction. We got to restart and she ran a perfect course and took first place.

Our standard course was also good but she just would not listen to me at the table.

All in all, 2 Qs and 2 placements meant for a good day all around and much better than we'd been having.

Marcie had seemed very down last Spring and I was thinkging of retiring her.

Sensor 2 - Removal

I just removed Sensor 2.  Or did it remove itself?  Basically the adhesive failed.

It lasted for 12 days.  Costing $5.00 a day for those of you keeping up.  Worth the cost.  Yep!

It was extremely accurate.  I'm very pleased with the results I've been having.  In fact, I'm doing to finger sticking only when the Dexcom  SeVen asks for one.

I actually would have liked this sensor to last one more day -- I'm doing an agility trial this weekend, BUT the good news is that my Friday, Dexcom should be extremely accurate again.

Sensor 2 - Day 7

I received the "sensor is going to expire" icon this morning.  So, I ended the sensor and restarted it.

The bandage part of the sensor seems to be in good shape -- in fact better than the last sensor.

The sensor has been extremely accurate.  I've drastically cut down on finger sticks this week, and have been dosing based on the receiver.  It's working well.  I haven't gone low all week and the few times I've gone high, I knew why.

Synvist - last shot

I think I finally got the spelling right.  The doctor doing the injections initially got caught in jury duty today.  So my doctor did them.

They have different approaches.  The first doctor said he liked just doing them with spray to numb them.  They didn't see to take as long that way.

My doctor numbed with injections first, then did the Synvist with a light amount of cold spray at the beginning.

The first two shots made my knees hurt, but not excessively afterwards.  This one I didn't feel until late afternoon.  I felt a bit of crunching running in class tonight (bone hitting bone, ouch), but not bad. 

Overall since the initial shots, I have been feeling less pain and doing more activity.

Sensor 2 - Day 3

So I put this sensor in on 8/10.  I was a bit disconcerted to see that it was running a tad off of the One Touch but put it out of my head.  Had a lot of other stuff going on.

So tonight, I did dog agility (yeah in this heat), and our instructor brought us Italian chocolate (well, chocolate purchased in Italy).  I are one piece during Maggie's class and one during Marcie's -- a bit after, Dexcom goes off.  Which freaked my instructor out, and sure enough I'm running high.

I go ahead and keep going without a correction, because I'm doing a fair amount of running.  Check afterwards, and Dexcom said I was at 258.  One Touch said I was at 253.  Can't get much better than that.

And yes, I've been dosing off of Dexcom most of the time, have cut down my finger sticks drastically, but do check if Dexcom doesn't feel right.  I've also been extremely aggressive on my control, I've set my pump to alarm at 1 hour.  I eat, reset my pump with a 0 bolus at 1 hour, then check every hour and correct off of Dexcom.  That has been helping to solve the problem where I've been going off on high excursions -- causing the high A1C.

I've also made another change.  I was not bolusing for meals and then walking on the treadmill.  It did prevent lows but was causing the escalating highs.  Now, I bolus for half the carbs, and then correct.  I'm not having to correct as much (often not at all), and no more of the excursions.

Of course, I'll have to find another plan in a few months.

Dexcom - Calculations off

Just went out to try to order a set of sensors, and I'm off on my pricing.  They are $60 a piece, so if my sensors last 15 days, they cost $4.00 a day.   That does not work out to be much difference between the 3 day sensor.

So far, the current sensor is doing well, though I've only had it in one day.