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Ft Worth - Saturday

Ft Worth Agility trial - Friday

We are doing our first dog agility trial since the end of June.

Quoting my agility instructor: "Marcie was flying!"

She missed the table and the weavepole entry she was going so fast but Qed in JWW.

She took a fourth place in Jumpers, first in about a year.

Then I got real lucky with Maggie in Open Jumpers. She started off without listening to me and took a wrong course. However the judged blew her whistle and stopped us which Maggie took as a correction. We got to restart and she ran a perfect course and took first place.

Our standard course was also good but she just would not listen to me at the table.

All in all, 2 Qs and 2 placements meant for a good day all around and much better than we'd been having.

Marcie had seemed very down last Spring and I was thinkging of retiring her.