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Agility Videos - August 25
I need to learn to trust the technology!

First Week of School

Yes, it's the first week of school.  The kiddos reported on Monday.

I am sure I would have survived without Dexcom but it's sure made a huge difference.  I don't have to stop and finger stick during class.  Just pull out Dexcom and dose.  Yes, I'm dosing completely off of Dexcom now and only finger sticking when it tells me to.

I just did a reset after 7 days.  I've got an extra sensor in my emergency pack just in case.

I also have plenty of test strips and my meter, again, just in case.

My class size is much larger this year.  It's a good and a bad thing.  So far, my 5th and 6th classes are the fullest. 

Also my AP program is really different.  I told the Dean that she could combine my PreAP and AP classes.  Well, she also combined a few students into my CS.  I'm definitely going to take a look at 6th period since the room is full of regular students and it looks like I have only one AP student and he didn't take PreAP.  I'd like to move him into 2nd or 3rd period.

I'm also working hard to get rid of all the 9th graders from Web Mastering.  We cover way too much material for 9th graders.  And this year, I'm going to be evil and push very hard to get everything done.

All in all a very busy week so far, but thank goodness for Dexcom.