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Dexcom Seven - Day 5

I sweated off my insertion set last night and figured I had sweated off the transmitter too, but it is still on and still giving good data.

I did too much yesterday, got out of the truck really really stiff, but I'm really no worse today than I usually am after dog agility.

Ran into my endo while I was getting my blood drawn and showed him the Dexcom. He was impressed.

Dexcom Seven - Day 4

Nothing new to report on the Dexcom.  Trends are accurate though I am not confident in the numbers to dose.  I did notice that I tested blood sugar less often yesterday.

I'm getting my blood drawn today for my endo appointment next Monday, so I'll have a new A1C.

I'm also doing the first Synvist injection today. 

It's also good to be back at my data logging routine.  I still haven't figured out how to incorporate Dexcom data into EzManager.  I figure a full export will be overwhelming and am thinking about pulling data every hour first, then every half hour, until I have something that looks good.

Ezmanager back...

Well, not really, but the Animas IR1250 arrived this morning and it was SO nice to be able to set up my pump using the software, rather than having to rely on the screens.

I still had to do the basal settings by hand but everything else is good.

Now I'm trying to figure out the best way to log. 

Also trying to figure out how much data from Dexcom to import into EzManager.  I'm thinking every 15 minutes, but haven't decided.

Dexcom - Day 2

The longer I wear this sensor (and more I calibrate), the more accurate it gets.  The trend is still correct, but the numbers were either 10% high or 10% low.  I can't help to wonder if it is a function of the meter -- and sure wish they would upgrade the meter to the Ultra II.

No problem with using either the hot tub or shower, but I also saw that with the STS-3.

Still very happy.

EzManager - Solution

First, she told me that I should receive EzManager by August 31.  Sorry, I giggled.  I've heard that every month.

However, they are shipping me an IR1250 and I am keeping it as a loaner until the software ships.  I have two weeks after I receive EzManager until I have to return it.

I wish they had given me that solution months ago. 

Oh well....

Changing Schedules

I'm using Wingman's post as a catalyst to do some thinking about this of my own. 

Have others of you noticed the dramatic effects a chaotic change to your normal routine can have on your bs?

Ring The Bolus: Sleep & Blood Sugar

Yes, changes in normal routine DO very much affect my blood sugar.  It's been a huge problem since diagnosis.  Even more so, since I'm a teacher and have frequent changes in schedule.

I do a really good job of controlling blood sugar during normal teaching days.  It does take frequent checking of blood sugar (Dexcom Seven is going to be invaluable for that).  If they change my lunch during the year, I have to tweak things differently.  Typically I have "C" lunch, but they have changed me around a few times and even 1/2 hour can make a huge difference.

One of my toughest challenges are workshops -- as I have blogged extensively about that.  Workshops alone are stressful -- you are in a room full of people and it is worse for me when I know quite a few of them.  Oh, by the way, giving workshops is really no different than teaching.  It's the sitting still that bugs me. 

I typically use up to 50% more insulin on a workshop day than I do on a normal teaching day.  I typically use about 20% more insulin on a non-teaching day.

Agility days can be even worse.  Again, they take about 50% more insulin, and sometimes even more.

One thing I'm going to have to look at during my next endo's visit is adjusting basal insulin, especially at night because I've been going high and have been whining about that for months, even though we've made a few changes.

EzManager - Getting Madder.

Seriously, I just keep getting madder and madder over the EzManager situation.  I've had my pump for 4 months and have not been able to use any of the software features.

The last answer I got from the Ezmanager support guy named Jack was right everything down.  Well, hell, if I wanted to do that, I'd wouldn't have actually BOUGHT Ezmanager.  And if they go back and look, I purchased EzManager LONG before I purchased the pump (yeah, I think that's even on this blog!).

Can you tell I'm mad.

So I called and talked with tech support and said, I either want EzManager by the end of next week, or I want an IR1250 until EzManager ships.

She's going to call me back.

Fitness 4 Diabetics

I did finish my first program last week. I lost 11 pounds with them, which wasn't part of the plan.  I've increased exercise from about 15 minutes a day to 60 minutes, but it's not really the same since I started the program while I was teaching.

I do think dog agility is going better.

Lately I've been having problems with food again, had quite a bit of stressing events this summer, but I've learned to eat "better" foods when I'm stressed.  More salads and I've added dried fruit to my foods.  Everything prepackaged, which makes it easier to dose, and makes it less likely I'll completely lose track of what I've eaten.

I'm extended the fitness portion of my plan for another 4 months.